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Wishlist AutoProtect

Wishlist AutoProtect plugin will make you life easier if you ever wanted to protect your content after posting it on your membership website or if you ever wanted to move your content protection from one level to another then Wishlist AutoProtect may be the right solution for you.

Let’s take an example: You want to publish a bonus on your website but you only want it to be publish for two weeks and then move it to a protected level.

If you are not Wishlist AutoProtect your only option is to do it manually. You will need to  remember the date and time you want to protection start and change it by yourself manually.

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Wishlist Member Tutorials

Wishlist Member Tutorials

Getting into the whole arena of setting up your membership site in Wishlist can be a very overwhelming endeavor to take on. You should know that it is not a simple process as there are different tasks involved in setting up one’s site.

Not to mention, there will be many question you would have in your head as to what to do first then what to do after that, and so on. But with the Wishlist Member Tutorials Plugin, you will know exactly what you need to do no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with setting up a site. Read more…


Easy Members Profiles for Wishlist Member

Designing A Member’s Bio Page Is Made Easy With The Easy Members Profiles Plugin!

Whenever members sign up to your membership site, they want to know that what’s in store for them are all worth their time, and, possibly, their money too.

One of the things that will be having is a profile page that should have all the necessary information areas they could put details about themselves in. However, getting ideas of how this should look like is not a very easy thing to do for most membership site owners like you. Read more…

List Users for Wishlist Member

List Users for Wishlist Member

You Do Not Need To Worry About Administrative Tasks Any Longer!

Time is a very valuable element in every endeavor you pursue, which includes managing the users who sign up for your membership site.

Doing such administrative tasks, yourself, can be such a burden, not to mention how time-consuming it can get especially if you have a lot of members in your site already. Read more…


One Click Sign-Up for Wishlist Member

Do you ever find yourself wanting to have your members from a free membership site you own move to another membership site that you have?

You might be thinking of a way to get these members to subscribe a membership site you own so you can earn more while giving them access to other content they would be interested in. Well, that is what the One Click Sign-Up Plugin is for. Read more…


Change Users Roles for Wishlist Member

Change Users Roles for Wishlist Member is a very advanced and handy plugin. This plugin is one of those things you don’t know you need until you see it.

Before we try to explain what Change Users Roles does, lets try to explain what exactly users roles on WordPress is?

WordPress has built-in types users roles, each user role has its own capabilities and permissions.  As an example, we all know the administrator user role.

Important Update:

Change Users Role was a 3rd-party plugin and it appears that this plugin does not exist anymore.

We have created 2 unique resources that gather all the Wishlist Member dedicated plugins:

Wishlist Member Complete Repository

Wishlist Member Plugins Finder Wizard

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Wishlist Content Scheduler - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Content Scheduler

If you would like to schedule content to be delivered to your members after they join your membership, you can now do that with Wishlist Content Scheduler plugin.

Wishlist Content Scheduler protects posts that will be delivered to your members on a predetermined basis (Day 1 = Post 1, Day 2 = Post 2, etc.) and that way you won’t bombard your members with all your posts at once. Read more…

WishList CubePoints

WishList CubePoints Protection

WishList CubePoints could not be any simpler, and yet, it is an efficient way to produce good conversations within your community. Just by putting this plugin into play, you will be making great interactions with a lot of people before you know it.

So What Does This Do?

In a nutshell, the WishList CubePoints Protection Plugin can be used to control the privacy you have in your site simply by being able to protect your membership content. This will be based on the CubePoints each member has.

What Does That Mean?

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Get Level Shorcode Using Wishlist Member

Get Levels Shortcode for Wishlist Member

When you deliver content to your members, as a site owner, you might find it a difficult task to personalize how much content you can give to members of specific levels or even to users who are not logged in to your site.

The Get Levels Shortcode Extension makes this an easy task as you can easily retrieve the exact shortcode you need to deliver content to a particular kind of user.

Some of the different shortcodes this plug-in was designed to create are the following: Read more…

Wishlist Protector

Wishlist Protector Review

Wishlist Protector Plugin allows you to personalize content you show to each of your members.

Wishlist Protector will allow you to adjust a variety of aspects such as:

  • Using a different coupon code
  • Displaying personal message to welcome a member of a particular level
  • Uploading a video critique

You can also use Wishlist Protector Plugin to record media, such as online conferences and phone calls, and have them posted in a way that each member will see a personal video or some other content. Read more…

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