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Wishlist Post Login

Wishlist Post Login

Wouldn’t you want to redirect your member directly to the page they wanted after they login to your membership website ?

Wishlist Post Login solves this exact issue. Until now, when your members arrive to your website or click on a link to a protect area on the your membership website, Wishlist Member automatically redirect them to the no-access page where they needed to log-in.

After they logged in, the first page they saw in the page that was defined to be after the login on wishlist member setting.

Important Update: 

Wishlist Post Login no longer exists, but its features can be found in Wishlist Login 2.0 plugin

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WP Affiliate Surge Review

WP Affiliate Surge allows you to create a professional looking resource page for your affiliates that is loaded with promotional tools including: banner ads, email templates and more.

As the owner of membership websites, I believe in promoting my websites through affiliates. I prefer paying them some of my earnings in order to generate more sales and get more revenues.

From my own experience with affiliates, the two most important things when you recruit affiliates to promote your products are:

1. Respecting your affiliates and giving them a decent percentage of the sale.

2. Giving your affiliates the right tools to market your product or business.

We all know affiliates want vendors will make their life easier. I discovered that affiliates are even willing to let go of a great offer if they don’t have any promotion tools to work with.

After discovering that lack of promotion tools is the reason why I wasn’t able to get any affiliates to promote my business I started looking for a solution to help me… Read more…

List Users for Wishlist Member Plugin


Wishlist Member Upsells Plugin

The Wishlist Member Upsells plugin will do promotions automatically for you.

Now, what does the Wishlist Member Upsells plugin do for you? Well, it gives you the ability to upsell your members regardless of their membership level.

You can upsell those who are in high ranks, and those who are in low ranks. Whenever you show any products, no matter how many, to your members within your website, and if they buy any of those products, that is when Wishlist Member Upsells Plugin comes to play. Read more…


WP List Builder Review – Membership Cube Bonus Plugin

Worry No More About UN-Emailed Members With The Use Of WP List Builder Plugin!

WP List Builder is a WordPress plugin that integrates your membership software with your e-mail auto-responder. This integrates with ANY e-mail auto-responder in the market.

Getting to send your site-related emails to the members of your membership site is a very important process. They need to be continually reminded of updates happening in your site so that they will continue to participate in the forums and interact with the other members.

The problem with most membership solutions is that new members are not automatically added to the list of those who are supposed to receive your auto-response email messages. Read more…

Wishlist Content Manager - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Content Manager

With Wishlist Content Manager you will be able to automatically manage posts by scheduling them to be deleted, reposted or moved to a new category.

By using WL Content Manager you will have a much better control over your site’s content.

What You Can Do With Wishlist Content Manager

Re-Publish Posts – Let’s say you have a post that’s geared towards “New Year’s”… almost like a Top 10 Resolutions for [Your Market] kind of post. Well, chances are, you’d like to publish this every year on January 1st. Read more…

Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
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Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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