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Wishlist Member ConvertKit Integration

How to Integrate Wishlist Member integrate with ConvertKit email marketing service

In this post we go over how to to integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with ConvertKit email marketing service.

Wishlist Member & ConvertKit Integration Process

For the integration you need the following:

  1. Wishlist Member plugin
  2. ConvertKit account
  3. ConvertKit Plugin for WordPress

Integrate Wishlist Member & ConvertKit in 4 simple steps:

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Wishlist Member vs Optimize Member

Wishlist Member vs. Optimize Member – The Full Comparison

OptimizePress 2.0 includes a membership plugin called OptimizeMember and we are being asked by clients which is better to use as a membership platform – OptimizeMember or Wishlist Member.

So we decided to publish this post with some key points and let you make the best decision for you on your own.

In this post we give you a complete overview of both Wishlist Member and Optimize Member.

Just to let you know, Optimize Member plugin can only be purchased as part of the OptimizePress package that also includes the OptimizePress theme and plugin.

The OptimizePress theme and plugin are the same, the only difference is that if you want to use OP as your main theme you need to use the theme version and if you only want to use it for certain pages such as: your membership pages / landing page / squeeze page etc. you need to install the plugin version and use any other theme you want as your main theme.

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80 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Membership Site

80 Different Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Membership Site

Traffic is the most important factor to every new website, service or product you want to sell. Without traffic even the best service or product will fail.

The importance of having the ability to attract massive amount of traffic is significant: Massive amount of traffic in a short period of time will help you figure out what is not working.

You will be able to analyze your analytics data, see at what point visitors leave your site etc. and allow you to make necessary adjustments fast.

Also, you will be able to know very quickly if people really are interested in your service. Sometimes people are caught in the fantasy of how their product is going to be so popular and successful, they feel really down when in the end, it fails.

We wrote a list of all the possible ways to bring traffic to your site. We currently have 80 different ways…

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Is Pay Per Post is the Right Way for You?

Is Pay Per Post the Right Way for You?

If  it’s your first membership website and you are struggling to get new members you may wonder why people don’t buy a subscription for your website.

After all, you know you offer the best value for their money and you know if they just try and give you a chance, then they will probably not cancel and enjoy the value that you are giving them.

But still you are having almost no success is getting the amount of new members that you really want.

You may have asked yourself: maybe they are afraid of paying on a monthly basis, and you might even consider switching your website to a pay per post model.

Is it really the right solution?

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Creating OTO (One Time Offers) with Wishlist Member Plugin

Creating OTO (One Time Offers) with Wishlist Member Plugin

If you are still not using OTO then you are practically leaving money on the table! If you use this marketing method the right way, OTO can increase your conversion rates in over 50% and even more!

So What is OTO Anyway?

OTO or One-Time-Offer is a special offer you suggest to your clients after they complete a certain action you want them to complete in order to increase/ maximize your earnings.

The whole point of the OTO is to be one-time, meaning, it won’t repeat itself and your clients will not be able to go back to the OTO page and get that offer again after they leave it.

Your OTO can be a free offer for joining mailing list, downloading a free product or selling a complementary product.

All You Need to Know about Creating OTO

  • OTO Advantages
  • OTO Disadvantages
  • OTO Possible Flows
  • OTO Pros and Cons
  • Tips for Creating OTO Sales Letter
  • OTO and Wishlist Member plugin

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SEO Strategies for Membership Sites

SEO Strategies for Membership Sites

The most common question I hear from membership sites’ owners is “How to optimize my membership site for SEO?” and that is a very good question.

The main problem with optimizing a membership site for search engines is the protected content. Protected content is not only “hidden” from non-members, but also from search engines.

This means that either you need to spend a lot of money on advertisements and media buying to get traffic and, of course, new members, or you can focus on free tactics that will give you targeted traffic.

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Is OptimizePress The Best Theme for A Wishlist Member Membership site?

We have been using OptimizePress and Wishlist Member for creating all of our products websites and we can only say that it is one of the best themes that integrates perfectly with Wishlist Member plugin.

Wishlist and OptimizePress allow you to set-up a membership site without the hassle of customizing it too much and it allows you to easily create all the necessary pages for your membership site.

You can create your membership site’s pages such as: log-in pages, error pages, members and non-members menus, confirmation pages, affiliate resources, members area etc. and choose the right template for your page you create within every post and page.

New Update 7/30/13

OptimizePress 2.0 will be released tomorrow – July 31, 2013 and it just rocks!

You can view all the details about the new version in the below link:

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Membership Site Engagement

How Can I Increase Engagement in My Membership site?

A membership site has a lot of potential in making you a steady stream of income every month.

One of the most powerful ways to make it happen is by increasing your members’ engagement to your site.

Creating that feeling of engagement won’t happen overnight, as you need to earn your members’ trust.

You will need to provide them with great content, some of it for free, offer them bonuses from time to time and make your community thrive.

Only then you will gain their loyalty and trust, but when you will… the sky it the limit as for your revenues.

So How Can You Increase Your Members’ Engagement?

There are simple things you can implement right away to increase the engagement to your membership site: Read more…

Busines graph with money and arrow

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Membership Site’s Profits

The internet is full of free content and services, but it doesn’t mean that people will not be willing to pay for what you offer. With a few simple tactics, you can tremendously increase the revenues from your membership site.

These are the 10 simplest ways you can do to increase your membership site’s revenues right now:

1. Believe in Your Service or Product

The first thing that you must ask yourself is whether or not you believe in your own product and if you would have been willing to pay for it. If you offer real value to people, you build their trust over time, and that is a very powerful thing. You will be able to offer new products and services to the same group of people over and over again and build a good reputation.

2. Deliver Top Quality Content

This is basically for the same reason I mentioned above. If you deliver excellent content then people would want to get more and more of it, and will even be willing to pay you for it. You really need to push your creativity to its limits and think of new extraordinary content that will blow your members away.

3. Have an Excellent Customer Support

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