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Clickbank Redirection for Clickbank Vendors – New Plugin Release

Clickbank Redirection for Clickbank Vendors – New Plugin Release

Clickbank Redirection is a unique WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to use Clickbank as your affiliate program, but also manage your sales through other shopping carts for sales that are not generated through an affiliate link.

Using Clickbank Redirection your affiliates are covered and can rest assure they will get their commissions even if you sell your product through other payment gateways for all other visitors who hadn’t come through Clickbank affiliate link.

How the Plugin Works?

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Plugin Spotlight: Wishlist Protection Display for Better Content Protection!

How sure are you that your membership site’s protection settings are correct?

If you have only few protected posts/ paged it won’t take too much time to go over them and make sure they are indeed protected.

However, if you already have a decent amount of posts/ pages, or if you just want to make your life easier and save time…

With Wishlist Protection Display you will be able to view all of your protection settings in a very simple and visual way.

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodes for Wishlist Member Plugin

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes Plugin Complete Overview

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes is a new plugin that contains an impressive number of 32 smart shortcodes to help improve and enhance your membership site.

Using the shortcodes you will be able to display different statistics and information about your membership site to both existing and potential clients.

These shortcodes are unique to Wishlist Member membership sites and are not available in the Wishlist Member plugin itself.

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes is divided to 1 Core plugin + 3 Add-Ons which are available for purchase additionally.

These are the available shortcodes:

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Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe Now Released!

Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe Now Released!

After getting many requests for allowing auto registration for Stripe shopping cart it is finally released.

Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe will allow you to automatically register members to your membership site after they complete the registration form within stripe.

This is How the Flow Looks Like:

Step 1: Customer clicks on the payment link/ button

Step 2: A Stripe registration form pops up

Step 3: The customer completes the registration, clicks to pay and the payment is processed

Step 4: Without Wishlist Auto Registration plugin:

The customer is redirected to Wishlist Member registration form in order to register to the site (this is the second registration form he needs to fill-in with the same details – very NOT user-friendly!)

Step 4: With Wishlist Auto Registration plugin:

The customer is automatically registered and logged-in to the site without the need to fill-in any other registration forms.

Wishlist Auto Registration Screenshots

Get Your Discount!

Get A Bundle Discount – Purchase 3 products and get 10% off! or Pay with a Share – Share the page on your favorite social networks and get 5% off (as seen in the screenshot below):

Pay with a Share

How Can You Get Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe?

In order to allow the auto registration for Stripe you need to get the plugin + the Stripe add-on:

Wishlist Auto Registration Core + Stripe Add-On 

The plugin is sold through our online store

View all the add-ons for Wishlist Auto Registration here

Wishlist Auto Registration Coupon Code

Wishlist Auto Registration Coupon April 2014

Purchase Wishlist Auto Registration and Get $10 Discount for Our Top Selling Plugin!

Just enter the coupon code “wlautoapr2014” before the checkout to get your special discount.

The coupon is valid until April 30, 2014

Wishlist Auto Registration Coupon April 2014

Wishlist Bundles

Wishlist Bundles – Sell Multiple Membership Levels in One Purchase

Wishlist Bundles allows selling unlimited number of membership levels in one purchase as bundles.

Create special membership levels combinations without losing the flexibility of selling each level individually.

Using Wishlist Bundles will give you the flexibility to:

  • Sell multiple courses at once
  • Sell multiple membership levels at once
  • Create bonus packages
  • Increase your revenues and conversion rates

Wishlist Bundles Exclusive Features

  • Ability to sell multiple membership levels/ products in one purchase
  • Ability to create a “virtual level” that exists only for the purpose of grouping several levels
  • Smart bundles notification system which send an alert when a “virtual level” wasn’t defined with any levels at all or when the bundle created already includes a bundle inside
  • Detailed admin email notifications when a bundle has been purchased

  • Unique shortcode that allows displaying the bundle inside posts and pages
  • Supports custom WordPress actions to enable developing custom extensions

  • Fully integrates with Wishlist Auto Registration and Wishlist Registration Widget

Get more information about Wishlist Bundles here


Wishlist Auto Registration – 6 New Shopping Carts Integrations Now Available

Wishlist Auto Registration is a plugin that automates the registration process and allows registering members automatically to any Wishlist Member based membership site.

Till now, the plugin supported only Clickbank and PayPal shopping carts.

We are happy to announce that Wishlist Auto Registration is now available for all the following shopping carts.

Wishlist Auto Registration Shopping Carts Integration

Wishlist Auto Registration Shopping Carts Integrations

How Can You Get the Plugin?

To give you the option to purchase only the shopping carts integrations you need, every shopping cart is sold separately as an Add On.

You only need to purchase Wishlist Auto Registration – Core plugin which includes PayPal integration + the add-ons you need from these options: Clickbank, InfusionSoft,, 2CheckOut, 1ShoppingCart, eWay, Pin Payments.

Get more information about the add-ons here

Wishlist PayPal Cancel Notifications

Wishlist PayPal Cancel Notifications for Keeping Track on Your Members’ Cancellations

Wishlist PayPal Cancel Notifications sends you notifications straight to your email every time a member cancels his membership.

You get 2 notifications:

1. When a member cancels his subscription

2. When a member reaches the “end of time” period

Why Cancellations Notifications is Crucial for Your Business’ Success?

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Wishlist ClickBank Cancel Notifications

Wishlist ClickBank Cancel Notifications Plugin for High Retention Rates

Wishlist Clickbank Cancel Notifications allows you to get instant notifications straight to your email every time a member cancels his subscription.

Getting notifications about your cancelling members is crucial for your business’ success for several reasons:

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Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository

Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository

New: The Only Wizard for Wishlist Plugins!

We gathered all of the Wishlist dedicated plugins in one place – 65 plugins so far

Following the Wizard’d paths you will find the plugins you really need within seconds!

Go to the WLM Wizard in this Link

Welcome to the largest repository for Wishlist dedicated plugins & guides!

Here you will find all the available plugins to empower your membership site and maximize your revenues.

We update the repository on a monthly basis.

Plugin of the Month: Wishlist Auto Registration – For Automatic Registration Process

Quick Navigation Links

Please use the quick navigation below to navigate through 43 available plugins & guides:

Content Plugins (19)

Get more control over your membership site’s content, enhance it and make it even more powerful using these powerful content plugins

Members Plugins (12)

Create a thriving community, increase your members’ satisfaction and engagement using these powerful plugins

Registration Plugins (7)

Increase the number of registrations to your membership site and prevent cancellations using these powerful registration plugins

Administration Plugins (7)

Manage your membership site’s structure and design to empower it for your members using these administration plugins

Affiliates Plugins (3)

Maximize your membership site’s revenues by offering a powerful affiliate resources and tools for your affiliates using these plugins

Wishlist Dedicated Guides (6)

Premium guides about membership sites in general and Wishlist Member in particular to enhance your membership site. Choose the guides you need

WooCommerce Dedicated Plugins (4)

Integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with WooCommerce platform quickly and easily in just i-click!

Easy Digital Downloads Dedicated Plugins (2)

Integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with Easy Digital Downloads platform quickly and easily in just i-click!

Wishlist Member bbPress Integration (1)

Protect both new and existing topics and replies within the bbPress forums using Wishlist Member protection settings



Repository is powered by Wishlist Dojo

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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