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Wishlist Member bbPress Integration

Wishlist Member bbPress Integration – It’s Finally Possible!

Many of our clients have asked us in the past if Wishlist Member integrates with bbPress forum.

Well, until now, bbPress did not have a complete integration with Wishlist Member, as when integrating the two of them, there was no option to protect the main forum index page nor the topics and replies within the forum to be seen by members only.

Regarding the main forum index page (E.g., it could not be protected at all.

Regarding the topics and replies created by your forum’s members, they could only be protected by the admin manually, meaning: you needed to enter each topic and reply >> go to the Wishlist Member Meta box >> define the protection settings for each.

Finally! New Wishlist Member bbPress integration plugin is now available…

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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Subscription Extension Integration

Enhanced Wishlist Member WooCommerce Integration [New Plugin]

If you want to integrate Wishlist Member and WooCommerce then Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus is the exact plugin you need!

Our team at HappyPlugins has just released Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus which is a new advanced plugin that allows you to integrate Wishlist Member and WooCommerce easily and in literally 1-Click.

The plugin allows you to create and add products to unlimited number of membership levels and / or paid posts when using the pay-per-post feature and it includes exclusive features you will not find in any other plugin that integrates Wishlist and WooCommerce together.

Exclusive Features:

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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus - Advance & Enhanced Integration

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Advance & Enhanced Integration

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms used by many people, including many Wishlist Member users.

Wishlist Member and WooCommerce already have an integration using a plugin developed by the WooThemes company.

However, after receiving many requests from many of our clients to enhance the integration, we are happy to say that we finally created a far more improved and powerful integration plugin for Wishlist Member and WooCommerce.

Presenting Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus!

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[New Plugin] Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership using Wishlist Greeting Registration

[New Plugin] Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership using Wishlist Greeting Registration

Our company has a thing for creating registration plugins and for a very good reason… They simply help us get more registrations.

So far, the 2 plugins we developed that are dedicated to increasing our registration rates are: Wishlist Registration Widget and Wishlist 1-Click Registration.

There is no doubt that both of them helped increase our registration rates significantly…

But we were looking for a new way to attract our visitors attention, and that is the exact reason why we developed Wishlist Greeting Registration plugin.

Wishlist Greeting Registration Demo Video

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3 Registration Plugins to Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership

3 Registration Plugins to Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership

Are you using Wishlist Member plugin and offer or planning to offer members registration to a free membership?

If so then you probably know the huge benefits a free membership has when building your online community.

We also saw the great potential in taking the time to create a free membership, so we wanted to make it very simple for our members to register to our free membership…

We developed 3 different registration plugins for that exact purpose:

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Wishlist Membership Notifications Plugin

Increase Your Membership Site’s Renewal Rates with Wishlist Membership Notifications Plugin

Wishlist Membership Notifications” plugin is a powerful must-have membership notifications system that will keep your membership renewal rates higher than ever!

Wishlist Membership Notifications allows you to send notifications to members who’s membership is about to expire or to members who’s membership has already expired and convince them to renew their membership.

Sending these members notification and letting them know their membership is expiring will help prevent abandonment, increase your retention rates and revenues.

Is Wishlist Membership Notification Plugin Relevant for You?

If you own a membership site with membership level/s with an expiration date then Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin is definitely for you.

No, wait! Let me rephrase that…

This plugin is a MUST-HAVE in order for you to be able to manage a viable profitable business.

Watch the Short Demo Video of Wishlist Membership Notifications:

Get more information about Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin

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Premium Plugins & Guides for Wishlist Member at

Premium Plugins & Guides for Wishlist Member at HappyPlugins

HappyPlugins is the largest online store for plugins and guides for Wishlist Member, here you will find plugins that will help empower your membership site, including plugins that will: automate your registration process, drip / archive content, integrate with popular platforms such as WooCommerce & bbPress and a lot more…  Check out all the plugins at


Wishlist 1 Click Registration Plugin – Register Members Automatically in Just 1 Click!

If you offer a free membership then the 1-Click Registration plugin will be very useful to you.

Wishlist 1-Click Registration will increase the registrations to your free membership by simplifying the registration process by allowing you to register members in just one click!

The plugin allows you to register members easily in 3 unique ways:

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Clickbank Redirection for Clickbank Vendors – New Plugin Release

Clickbank Redirection for Clickbank Vendors – New Plugin Release

Clickbank Redirection is a unique WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to use Clickbank as your affiliate program, but also manage your sales through other shopping carts for sales that are not generated through an affiliate link.

Using Clickbank Redirection your affiliates are covered and can rest assure they will get their commissions even if you sell your product through other payment gateways for all other visitors who hadn’t come through Clickbank affiliate link.

How the Plugin Works?

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Plugin Spotlight: Wishlist Protection Display for Better Content Protection!

How sure are you that your membership site’s protection settings are correct?

If you have only few protected posts/ paged it won’t take too much time to go over them and make sure they are indeed protected.

However, if you already have a decent amount of posts/ pages, or if you just want to make your life easier and save time…

With Wishlist Protection Display you will be able to view all of your protection settings in a very simple and visual way.

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This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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