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Wishlist Comment Headings

Wishlist Comment Headings – Wishlist Insider January’s Bonus Plugin

Wishlist Comment Headings is Wishlist Insider’s bonus plugin for January 2013, and I think it’s one of the best bonus plugins they released so far!

WL Comment Headings is simple yet powerful… It actually lets you add messages above the comment section to encourage your members to comment on your site.

You can also grab your members’ attention by adding images to the messages and different kinds of shortcodes to display specific membership details such as the member’s name, for example.

But why is it so important to encourage your members to comment on your site?

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Wishlist Tags from Wishlist Insider

Wishlist Tags

Just like in Facebook or Twitter, with this plugin your members can “tag” each other in comments or forum discussions.

The person is then notified and invited to join the discussion which has proven to immediately increase interaction within any membership site.

One of the ingredients to a successful membership site is interaction. The more involved and engaged your members, the more likely your site will be successful.

But how do you get them involved and how can your members easily get each other involved? Well… you can do that with Wishlist Tags. Read more…


Wishlist ID Card

Wishlist ID Card allows for a stylized widget to be added to sidebars which will feature the member’s Gravatar image, name, membership level, CubePoints total (if installed), and links to edit their profile and log out.

WishList ID Card allows for customized links to be included within the members section which can be specified by the admin.

Regardless of what kind of membership site you are running, you’ll want to add this in the Sidebar. This is an effective tool to make members really feel at home within your membership site. Read more…

Gravatar Manager

Gravatar Manager – Membership Cube Bonus Plugin

Gravatar Manager will help you to turn your regular membership website into a community   One of the most important steps in turning your membership website into a community is to let people know one another and to be familiar  with thier faces and pictures.

Gravatar Manager is giving you the option to add your membership picture near any comment that they write, this will make you members more familier with one another which will them a community feeling.

Gravatar Manager will also allowing you the author to add you own picture near any post that you write, your membership members will recognize you. Read more…


WP List Builder Review – Membership Cube Bonus Plugin

Worry No More About UN-Emailed Members With The Use Of WP List Builder Plugin!

WP List Builder is a WordPress plugin that integrates your membership software with your e-mail auto-responder. This integrates with ANY e-mail auto-responder in the market.

Getting to send your site-related emails to the members of your membership site is a very important process. They need to be continually reminded of updates happening in your site so that they will continue to participate in the forums and interact with the other members.

The problem with most membership solutions is that new members are not automatically added to the list of those who are supposed to receive your auto-response email messages. Read more…


Easy Members Profiles for Wishlist Member

Designing A Member’s Bio Page Is Made Easy With The Easy Members Profiles Plugin!

Whenever members sign up to your membership site, they want to know that what’s in store for them are all worth their time, and, possibly, their money too.

One of the things that will be having is a profile page that should have all the necessary information areas they could put details about themselves in. However, getting ideas of how this should look like is not a very easy thing to do for most membership site owners like you. Read more…

List Users for Wishlist Member

List Users for Wishlist Member

You Do Not Need To Worry About Administrative Tasks Any Longer!

Time is a very valuable element in every endeavor you pursue, which includes managing the users who sign up for your membership site.

Doing such administrative tasks, yourself, can be such a burden, not to mention how time-consuming it can get especially if you have a lot of members in your site already. Read more…


One Click Sign-Up for Wishlist Member

Do you ever find yourself wanting to have your members from a free membership site you own move to another membership site that you have?

You might be thinking of a way to get these members to subscribe a membership site you own so you can earn more while giving them access to other content they would be interested in. Well, that is what the One Click Sign-Up Plugin is for. Read more…


Change Users Roles for Wishlist Member

Change Users Roles for Wishlist Member is a very advanced and handy plugin. This plugin is one of those things you don’t know you need until you see it.

Before we try to explain what Change Users Roles does, lets try to explain what exactly users roles on WordPress is?

WordPress has built-in types users roles, each user role has its own capabilities and permissions.  As an example, we all know the administrator user role.

Important Update:

Change Users Role was a 3rd-party plugin and it appears that this plugin does not exist anymore.

We have created 2 unique resources that gather all the Wishlist Member dedicated plugins:

Wishlist Member Complete Repository

Wishlist Member Plugins Finder Wizard

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Wishlist Widget Control

Wishlist Widget Control

Wishlist Widget Control plugin allows you to display different widgets based on the membership level or based on the WordPress logical conditions.

This plugin is very simple but yet very powerful.

Wishlist Widget Control Features:

  • Control what widgets will be displayed  and when to display them
  • Supports all available widgets
  • Simple and straight forward settings

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