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Wishlist Member Easy Digital Downloads Integration Plugin

Wishlist Member Easy Digital Downloads Integration Plugin is Finally Available!


After the great success with our Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration plugin, many have asked us to release an integration plugin for Easy Digital Downloads.

We are happy to finally announce we have just released an integration plugin with EDD, the plugin is called Wishlist Member Easy Digital Downloads Plus and it allows you to easily integrate Wishlist Member and Easy Digital Downloads in 1 click!

Important Note: 

If you want to start using Easy Digital Downloads platform you might be interested to know which plugins (both free and paid) we recommend and use in our eCommerce website: Easy Digital Downloads – The Engine Behind Our Online Store

The Benefits of Integrating Wishlist Member & Easy Digital Downloads

Sell multiple membership levels and create any combination of membership levels by adding them to the cart and buy them in one purchase

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How to Move from WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration Plugin to Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

How to Move from WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration Plugin to Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

Recently, WooThemes have announced they have discontinued selling their plugin “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” and they will also stop supporting anyone who has already bought this plugin and has it on his website.

If you are using the WooThemes plugin for Wishlist Member it means that every new WordPress version / Wishlist Member / WooCommerce versions has the potential to break this integration as no future adaption will be done to the code.

Because most of the Wishlist Member integration with WooCommerce is done behind the scenes, you will probably not even know a problem exists until one of your customers will report to you about it.

This has raised many questions among people who want to move from using WooThemes plugin to using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus developed by our team of developers at HappyPlugins

Migrating from WooThemes Wishlist Member Integration Plugin to Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Video Tutorial:

Explanations + Screenshots:

Since we received many requests, we decided to write this short post to show you exactly how you can shift from the WooThemes plugin to Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus in a matter of seconds:

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Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes - Smart Content Dripping Plugin for Wishlist Member

Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes – Smart Content Dripping Plugin for Wishlist Member

If you are looking for a content dripping plugin for Wishlist Member then Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes plugin is just the plugin you need.

Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes will allow you to drip / archive content based on each member’s registration date, membership level/s and the time period that has passed from the registration using simple-to-use shortcodes.

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Wishlist Member bbPress Integration

Wishlist Member bbPress Integration – It’s Finally Possible!

Many of our clients have asked us in the past if Wishlist Member integrates with bbPress forum.

Well, until now, bbPress did not have a complete integration with Wishlist Member, as when integrating the two of them, there was no option to protect the main forum index page nor the topics and replies within the forum to be seen by members only.

Regarding the main forum index page (E.g., it could not be protected at all.

Regarding the topics and replies created by your forum’s members, they could only be protected by the admin manually, meaning: you needed to enter each topic and reply >> go to the Wishlist Member Meta box >> define the protection settings for each.

Finally! New Wishlist Member bbPress integration plugin is now available…

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[New Plugin] Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership using Wishlist Greeting Registration

[New Plugin] Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership using Wishlist Greeting Registration

Our company has a thing for creating registration plugins and for a very good reason… They simply help us get more registrations.

So far, the 2 plugins we developed that are dedicated to increasing our registration rates are: Wishlist Registration Widget and Wishlist 1-Click Registration.

There is no doubt that both of them helped increase our registration rates significantly…

But we were looking for a new way to attract our visitors attention, and that is the exact reason why we developed Wishlist Greeting Registration plugin.

Wishlist Greeting Registration Demo Video

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Wishlist Dashboard 2.0 - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Dashboard 2.0

Wishlist Dashboard 2.0 allows you to create multiple dashboards for members with different styles and layouts.

Each dashboard can be customized based on the available settings provided.

The dashboards can be easily displayed in any post or page using a simple shortcode (see screenshots further down this post).

The Importance of a Members Dashboard for Your Members

  • Quick navigation through the membership site
  • Better understanding of the membership site’s structure
  • Finding the content members need quickly and easily
  • More satisfied members
  • Professional look to the membership site that makes good impression

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Wishlist Bundles

Wishlist Bundles – Sell Multiple Membership Levels in One Purchase

Wishlist Bundles allows selling unlimited number of membership levels in one purchase as bundles.

Create special membership levels combinations without losing the flexibility of selling each level individually.

Using Wishlist Bundles will give you the flexibility to:

  • Sell multiple courses at once
  • Sell multiple membership levels at once
  • Create bonus packages
  • Increase your revenues and conversion rates

Wishlist Bundles Exclusive Features

  • Ability to sell multiple membership levels/ products in one purchase
  • Ability to create a “virtual level” that exists only for the purpose of grouping several levels
  • Smart bundles notification system which send an alert when a “virtual level” wasn’t defined with any levels at all or when the bundle created already includes a bundle inside
  • Detailed admin email notifications when a bundle has been purchased

  • Unique shortcode that allows displaying the bundle inside posts and pages
  • Supports custom WordPress actions to enable developing custom extensions

  • Fully integrates with Wishlist Auto Registration and Wishlist Registration Widget

Get more information about Wishlist Bundles here

Wishlist Coupon 2.0 - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Coupon 2.0

Wishlist Coupon 2.0 allows you to offer discount coupons which can be applied when users purchase membership levels.

The coupons can be easily added to any post or page using simple shortcodes and you can customize the coupons according to your needs.

You can set the coupons to be valid only for limited number of days/ for limited quantity or for limited number of days after registration.

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Wishlist Auto Registration – 6 New Shopping Carts Integrations Now Available

Wishlist Auto Registration is a plugin that automates the registration process and allows registering members automatically to any Wishlist Member based membership site.

Till now, the plugin supported only Clickbank and PayPal shopping carts.

We are happy to announce that Wishlist Auto Registration is now available for all the following shopping carts.

Wishlist Auto Registration Shopping Carts Integration

Wishlist Auto Registration Shopping Carts Integrations

How Can You Get the Plugin?

To give you the option to purchase only the shopping carts integrations you need, every shopping cart is sold separately as an Add On.

You only need to purchase Wishlist Auto Registration – Core plugin which includes PayPal integration + the add-ons you need from these options: Clickbank, InfusionSoft,, 2CheckOut, 1ShoppingCart, eWay, Pin Payments.

Get more information about the add-ons here

Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository

Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository

New: The Only Wizard for Wishlist Plugins!

We gathered all of the Wishlist dedicated plugins in one place – 65 plugins so far

Following the Wizard’d paths you will find the plugins you really need within seconds!

Go to the WLM Wizard in this Link

Welcome to the largest repository for Wishlist dedicated plugins & guides!

Here you will find all the available plugins to empower your membership site and maximize your revenues.

We update the repository on a monthly basis.

Plugin of the Month: Wishlist Auto Registration – For Automatic Registration Process

Quick Navigation Links

Please use the quick navigation below to navigate through 43 available plugins & guides:

Content Plugins (19)

Get more control over your membership site’s content, enhance it and make it even more powerful using these powerful content plugins

Members Plugins (12)

Create a thriving community, increase your members’ satisfaction and engagement using these powerful plugins

Registration Plugins (7)

Increase the number of registrations to your membership site and prevent cancellations using these powerful registration plugins

Administration Plugins (7)

Manage your membership site’s structure and design to empower it for your members using these administration plugins

Affiliates Plugins (3)

Maximize your membership site’s revenues by offering a powerful affiliate resources and tools for your affiliates using these plugins

Wishlist Dedicated Guides (6)

Premium guides about membership sites in general and Wishlist Member in particular to enhance your membership site. Choose the guides you need

WooCommerce Dedicated Plugins (4)

Integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with WooCommerce platform quickly and easily in just i-click!

Easy Digital Downloads Dedicated Plugins (2)

Integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with Easy Digital Downloads platform quickly and easily in just i-click!

Wishlist Member bbPress Integration (1)

Protect both new and existing topics and replies within the bbPress forums using Wishlist Member protection settings



Repository is powered by Wishlist Dojo

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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