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Wishlist Member API Key – Explianed

Wishlist Member has a large and easy to use API commands, these commands allow you or any developer to extend the Wishlist Member core functions.

All plugins or scripts that want to interact with Wishlist Member like the plugins that we develop and sell on (our online store) use the Wishlist Member API in one way or another.

Because the Wishlist Member API allows preforming many actions, including adding and removing members / levels, or even change the protection of a specific content, the access to these commands should be authorized and well protected to prevent external visitors access it and hack your website.

To prevent this Wishlist Member includes a special API key that needs to be used with any external API call. The caller (in most cases a script or a plugin) needs to authorize itself in every external API call by using the Wishlist Member API key.  Read more…

Wishlist Member Version 2.9 Review

Wishlist Member Version 2.9 Review (Latest Version)

Finally the latest version of Wishlist Member has now been released – version 2.9 and if you purchase it through as we also give you 2 special gifts!

We have already reviewed the version and went over all the updates and editions and we can only tell you that the Wishlist plugin just got even more awesome!

If you are looking for a membership plugin this is with out a doubt THE plugin you should get!

Also, don’t forget to check out our special gifts at the end of the review for those of you who purchase through one of our links in this post.

Without further adu… here is our complete review and overview of Wishlist Member version 2.9:

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Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard

The New Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard – Find Plugins You Need in 3 Steps Only!

If you are looking for ways to empower your Wishlist membership site then the new Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard is exactly what you need.

*** The Wizard Contains 40 Different Plugins! ***

This is How the Wizard Works:

STEP #1: Choose the type of plugins you need

Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard Step 1

STEP #2: Choose what you want to achieve

Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard Step 2

STEP #3: Click on each title to explore the plugin

Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard Step 3

Click here to access Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard

The Wizard Gives You Focused Results

Every result contains 3-6 plugins’ suggestions tops to help you find what you need in seconds!

The Wizard Contains Large Variety of Plugins

There are 40 different plugins, but instead of getting confused with so many plugins, you see only to the ones you really need according to what you choose

We hope you will love the wizard as much as we do.

Any suggestion for improving the wizard will benefit all of Wishlist’s users!

For any suggestion please write your comment below.

Click here to access Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard


Wishlist Links – New Service for Wishlist Insider Members (Free)

A new service from Wishlist Member is now available…

The Wishlist Member team has created a new service that allows you to have complete control over the links you create for your membership site.

Wishlist Links allows you to login to a links’ management system and create your own track-able links.

Inside the system you can customize your links:

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Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard

Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard

Welcome to the complete Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard!

The Wizard contains 65 Wishlist dedicated plugins to empower your membership site.

The relevant information will open according to the answers you click on.

It may take a couple of seconds for the wizard to be displayed. If not, please refresh the page or open the page in Internet Explorer, for some reason it works best there…

If this link doesn’t work, please go to the Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository to view all plugins

Follow the Wizard Below:

Wishlist Member Plugins Wizard is Powered by Wishlist Selector

Check Our Wishlist Member Tips Series

These are only some of the tips you will find (must be logged-in):

Get all the tips in this link

Not a Member Yet?

Register for free using the form to your right.






Wishlist Selector – Wishlist Insider’s Bonus Plugin (August 2013) - See more at:

Wishlist Insider Webinar – Bonus PlugIn Webinar Tuesday April 2nd

Wishlist Member team is going to present a webinar regarding their new bonus plugin for April 2013 at 3pm ET to the Wishlist Insider community.

Both the webinar and the bonus plugin are available only to members who are registered for the Insider’s community.

Like every month, Wishlist doesn’t release the bonus plugin’s name till the webinar.

But what if I miss the webinar?

Read more…

Wishlist Member Setup Wizard

Wishlist Member Setup Wizard – Setup Your Wishlist Membership Site Easily

We get a lot of emails from membership sites owners that had purchased Wishlist Member and are overwhelmed by the many features it offers.

That’s why we decided to publish a post about Wishlist’s Setup Wizard that many don’t know exists.

The Wishlist Member Setup Wizard will take you step by step and guide you through your first step to build your membership site’s basics.

With the Setup Wizard you will be able to easily:

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Wishlist Insider

21 Membership Site Questions & Wishlist Insider All Access Call

Building a membership site does not end by choosing and installing the right software, like any other website, a membership site needs to be designed and configured right to suite your visitors.

You need to create a website that will attract new visitors every month, and more importantly, keep the existing members happy.

Just like we wrote on Wishlist Member review, although you can find many other plugins that will enable you to create a membership site on Wordpress, the one big thing that differentiated Wishlist Member from all the other plugins is the big community that works behind it.

This community is called Wishlist Insider and it’s a monthly membership site. Every month the Wishlist Insider team conduct a webinar to answer all the questions the community members have. Read more…


Wishlist Member License Options


Purchase Wishlist Member plugin through this link or through any of the links in this page and get* our exclusive plugins that are NOT available for sale anywhere else:

Wishlist Quick Access & Wishlist Content Protection Display

* According to the licence you purchase and according to the details in the button below:

Get All The Details On Your Special Gift Here
You already know that you want to build your membership website with Wishlist Member, but you don’t know which license to buy?

This post will try to help you decide whether to buy Wishlist Member single licence or the unlimited licence.

Anyway, even if you decide to buy the single license, you can always upgrade it to the unlimited licence after you buy, so if you really think about building a membership website don’t let this decision stop you from starting, or in other words: Just do it!

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Wishlist Member Complete Review and Overview

WishList Member Plugin V2.8 Complete Review and Overview

*** Important Update:

Wishlist  has released their latest version 2.9 and we wrote a complete review and overview of the version.

Get the review of version 2.9 in this link

Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin for creating membership sites.

By installing the plugin you turn your website into a complete functioning membership site very quickly and easily.

We have been working with Wishlist Member platform since its early days and it has tremendously improved over the years.

As for now, since the Wishlist team has released their latest version 2.8, it has become the most advanced and updated platform for building membership sites so far!

The Wishlist team is doing an amazing job in pushing their plugin forward and constantly upgrading and adjusting it to their clients’ needs.

After going through several plugins and platforms, we are confidant there is absolutely no other platform that will give you so much and help you build a professional and successful membership site.

We hope our thorough review and overview of Wishlist will help you make the best decision for your business.

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