Easy Members Profiles for Wishlist Member

Designing A Member’s Bio Page Is Made Easy With The Easy Members Profiles Plugin!

Whenever members sign up to your membership site, they want to know that what’s in store for them are all worth their time, and, possibly, their money too.

One of the things that will be having is a profile page that should have all the necessary information areas they could put details about themselves in. However, getting ideas of how this should look like is not a very easy thing to do for most membership site owners like you.

The Easy Members Profiles Plugin Provides A Simple And User-Friendly Profile Page For Your Site

With the Easy Members Profiles Plugin, having a profile page for your users is already taken care of. They can have a user-friendly interface that they can be satisfied with. You would also be pleased to know that the Easy Members Profiles Plugin also supports displaying the gravatar of a certain member.

Aside From That, The Easy Members Profiles Plugin Can Also Let Your Members:

  • Post their own unique bio information
  • View and be reminded of their recent comments in different forums and posts
  • See their recent posts for those who are authors

You Can Have A Functional Profile Page For Your Members With The Easy Members Profiles Plugin

You cannot go wrong with the profile page that your users will get with the Easy Members Profile Plugin. It has just the right amount of usage and simplicity in it that will make it easier for members to show what they are up to. With this kind of profile page, members can view each others’ activities in a very convenient way.

How Can You Get Easy Members Profiles Plugin?

Unfortunately, Easy Members Profiles plugin is not available for purchase. It was a bonus plugin Wishlist Member gave for free about two years ago. However, you can make sure your won’t miss out on all the up coming bonus plugins and even purchase some pf their previous ones. All you need to do is sign-up to Wishlist Insider and you won’t miss another bonus plugin again.

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  1. Greetings Wishlist,
    Does your Member Profile Page allow you to see who you are connected to like a friends/fans widget in a sidebar on your Member’s profile page?

  2. I was recommended this website by a colleague. Just wanted to say thank you for your great content 🙂

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