How Can Members Add / Upgrade Themselves to Other Levels using Wishlist Member

This How To question comes from Jerry who wants to know if there is a way for members to add or upgrade themselves to other membership levels on their own.

Jerry’s Question:

“I am a fitness coach and I’ve created an online course with 12 levels, every level contains a higher difficulty level of training. I want members to be able to add themselves to a higher level on their own by clicking a link. Is there a way to do that?”

How to Allow Members to Add / Upgrade to Other Levels in 1-Click:


Wishlist Smart Shortcodes allows you to easily create an upgrade button using a simple shortcode, so members can add themselves to the specified membership level simply by clicking a link.

Just add the shortcode to the relevant post or page, specify the relevant membership levels and that’s it. You can also add a parameter for the upgrade button text.

Now when a member will click on the link he’ll be added to the relevant membership level automatically. This shortcode is part of the Protection Add-On that includes a total of 8 different shortcodes.

You can also display members the list of all the content they have access to according to their membership level by using the shortcode shown on the screen.

This shortcode is part of the Content add-on. Wishlist Smart Shortcodes plugin and add-ons include 32 powerful shortcodes that display different types of information about your membership site.

For more information on how you can empower your membership site go to Wishlist Smart Shortcodes + Add-Ons product pages 

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