How to Display a Unique Page to Members Who First Login after Long Absence?

This How to Question comes from Thomas and it is about redirecting members who login to the membership site after being away for a long period of time to a unique page.

Question: “How can I show members who entered the membership site after being away for a very long time a different page than all other members see?”

First Login Redirection after a Long Absence:


Using Wishlist First Login Redirection plugin you can easily redirect members who have logged in to the members’ area after a long absence to a unique page.

Simply go to the Settings tab and under the field “Days Since Last Login” fill in the relevant number of days and choose the redirection page.

In this example only members who have entered the membership site after being away for a month will be redirected to the page: “We’re glad to have you back”.

For more information go to Wishlist First Login Redirection 

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