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Wishlist Member Quick Video Series List

Wishlist Member Quick Video Tips

If you are a Wishlist Member user then our quick video tips series is just what you need!

Our quick video tips will help you enhance your membership site with new features, increase your members’ engagement, create a more user-friendly members’ area, attract new registrations, increase your overall earnings and revenues and more…

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Tip #72: How to Integrate Your Membership Site with an eCommerce Platform

Wishlist Member Tips Series

If you are a Wishlist Member user then our special tips series is just what you need to help your empower your membership site.

In this page you will find the complete list of tips we publish in the Wishlist Member Tips Series.

Register for free and get immediate access to all the previous and upcoming tips!

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Premium Plugins & Guides for Wishlist Member at HappyPlugins.com

Premium Plugins & Guides for Wishlist Member at HappyPlugins

HappyPlugins is the largest online store for plugins and guides for Wishlist Member, here you will find plugins that will help empower your membership site, including plugins that will: automate your registration process, drip / archive content, integrate with popular platforms such as WooCommerce & bbPress and a lot more…  Check out all the plugins at HappyPlugins.com

Wishlist Member Version 2.9 Review

Wishlist Member Version 2.9 Review (Latest Version)

Finally the latest version of Wishlist Member has now been released – version 2.9 and if you purchase it through as we also give you 2 special gifts!

We have already reviewed the version and went over all the updates and edditions and we can only tell you that the Wishlist plugin just got even more awesome!

If you are looking for a membership plugin this is with out a doubt THE plugin you should get!

Also, don’t forget to check out our special gifts at the end of the review for those of you who purchase through one of our links in this post.

Without further adu… here is our complete review and overview of Wishlist Member version 2.9:

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