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How to Sell Multiple Memberships in Once Checkout Process (4 Options)

How to Automatically Register Email Subscribers to Your Membership Site?

If you have an email list and you are looking for an easy way to turn your email subscribers into members quickly in 1-click then with Wishlist 1-Click Registration you can easily achieve that.

Wishlist 1-Click Registration allows you to register new members / upgrade existing members to any free membership level straight from your autoresponder by doing only one action – clicking a link in your email.

Wishlist 1 Click Registration plugin supports all the autoresponders that have a built-in integration with Wishlist Member.

Benefits of Creating a Free Membership

  • Grow your email list easier with free membership
  • Engage your audience by providing quality content
  • Grow your community
  • Increase registration to your paid membership/s

How to Add the Registration Link to the Autoresponder?

Just generate the Autoreposnder registration link using Wishlist 1-Click Registration link generator and copy the link to any email you want to send to your email subscribers.

When a subscriber will click on the link he will be automatically registered and logged-in to the free membership and the login details will be sent to him by mail.

This is the Generator:

Wishlist 1-Click Registration Generator

For More Information

Check Wishlist 1-Click Registration


How to Sell Multiple Memberships in Once Checkout Process (4 Options)

How to Add Wishlist Member Registration Form to the Sidebar?

Using Wishlist Registration Widget you can add a Wishlist Member registration form to any sidebar widget on your membership site.

The registration form will register your members to any free membership level you choose.

The major benefit of adding the registration form to the sidebar is maximizing your registration rates significantly (and your email list if you integrate Wishlist Member with an autoresponder).

These are the reasons why adding a sidebar registration form will increase your registrations:

  • Visible location – The sidebar is a very visible location that can be seen from any post or page
  • Minimum no. of fields – You can have a 1 field only form (or more if you choose to). The less fields your visitors need to fill-in, the better your registration rates will be
  • Real Time Validation – When users type in the details, they are notified in real-time if any of them is taken or not valid. This makes the registration process faster and smoother
  • Ability to Tweak the CSS for more visibility – You can fully customize the look and feel of the form: from adjusting the number of fields displayed, adding a text before and after and tweaking the CSS

Example of a registration form (used on this website):

Wishlist Registration Widget Registration Form

How to add the registration form?

The sidebar registration form can be easily added to any sidebar widget through the WordPress Widgets menu.

For More Information:

Check Wishlist Registration Widget



Wishlist Member Quick Video Series List

How to Add an Attractive & Converting Registration Form on the Sidebar

Creating a free membership can, without a doubt, help increase your conversion rates and revenues.

The main benefits of investing in creating a free membership with free content are:

  • Proving your experience and knowledge to skeptical potential customers
  • Engaging your targeted audience
  • Growing your email list

But the problem is that creating a simple and attractive registration form without too many fields is quite difficult using the regular Wishlist Member registration form:

Free Wishlist Member Registration Form

Free Wishlist Member Registration Form

In this video we show you how to create simple and attractive registration form you can display on the sidebar to attract more visitors to register to your free membership:

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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Is upgrading free members to paying members automatically possible?


Hi Dana,

I looked through all the FAQ and have a question. It relates to this post below:


But isn’t 100% answered (at least to me). Here’s the question: Let’s say someone comes to my site and registers for a free user account.

Then, decides to buy something and (if I have the auto registration plugin for wishlist member with the stripe payment gateway) gets auto registered.

Will they now have two accounts? Or will their accounts be merged into one?


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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Can I automatically add members to a free membership straight from the autoresponder?



you have a lot of addons, but what I am really looking for is the possibility that one subscribes to our Mailchimp basiclist and is than automatically added to a free course in Wishlist. I can’t find a solution for that. Do you know of existing something for that?

Best regards, Luc.”

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[New Plugin] Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership using Wishlist Greeting Registration

[New Plugin] Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership using Wishlist Greeting Registration

Our company has a thing for creating registration plugins and for a very good reason… They simply help us get more registrations.

So far, the 2 plugins we developed that are dedicated to increasing our registration rates are: Wishlist Registration Widget and Wishlist 1-Click Registration.

There is no doubt that both of them helped increase our registration rates significantly…

But we were looking for a new way to attract our visitors attention, and that is the exact reason why we developed Wishlist Greeting Registration plugin.

Wishlist Greeting Registration Demo Video

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3 Registration Plugins to Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership

3 Registration Plugins to Maximize the Registration Rates to Your Free Membership

Are you using Wishlist Member plugin and offer or planning to offer members registration to a free membership?

If so then you probably know the huge benefits a free membership has when building your online community.

We also saw the great potential in taking the time to create a free membership, so we wanted to make it very simple for our members to register to our free membership…

We developed 3 different registration plugins for that exact purpose:

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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

How to insert a registration form in to an existing page?

Using Wishlist Member’s built-in shortcodes you can easily insert a registration form into any page or post.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Create a page / post or any other content
  2. Click the Wishlist Member button in the toolbar and choose “Shortcodes”
  3. Scroll down and choose the [regiser_levelname] shortcode for the correct level

That’s it, your are done!


Here is a screenshot of where you can find the shortcode:

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Wishlist Registration Widget - Time Limited Offer

Wishlist Registration Widget New Versions Release – Time Limited Discount Offer!

Just in case you missed our email, we wanted to let you know that we just released 2 new awesome versions for Wishlist Registration Widget – Pro and Premium and we are already getting amazing feedbacks about them.

We have put in a lot of effort in creating the best plugin with as many flexible features as possible.

We’ve added great new versions that will help you attract more new members to your free membership.

Below you will find all the new features we have added to the Pro and Premium versions:

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This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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