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Tip #72: How to Integrate Your Membership Site with an eCommerce Platform

Tip #62: 5 Methods to Hiding / Archiving Content from Members

Many membership sites owners want to know how they can accomplish different protection settings, such as: hide specific content from members, how to display content for limited amount of time, how to change the protection settings of their content and more.

This tip is a must-have for practically every membership site owner as in this tip you will find many ways you can use to display content to your members to increase their anticipation and urgency and maximize your revenues.

What You Get From this Tip?

In this tip we provide you with 5 different ways to display / hide content to / from members in different ways, including the advantages and disadvantages of using each method.

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How to Automatically Change Your Content’s Protection Settings

Wishlist Member plugin allows you to protect your content under membership levels and / or pay-per-post.

However, sometimes you may want to change a specific post/ page protection settings, for example: move it from level to level, from protected to unprotected, from unprotected to protected etc.

Some of the reasons why you may want to automatically change the protection settings of a specific content are:

Providing only members the privilege to access content before others by changing the content from protected to unprotected

Giving free members a sneak peek to your membership site’s content for a short period of time to make them want to upgrade to the full membership

In this short video you will discover exactly how you can change your protection settings automatically using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro plugin:

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Plugin Spotlight: Wishlist Protection Display for Better Content Protection!

How sure are you that your membership site’s protection settings are correct?

If you have only few protected posts/ paged it won’t take too much time to go over them and make sure they are indeed protected.

However, if you already have a decent amount of posts/ pages, or if you just want to make your life easier and save time…

With Wishlist Protection Display you will be able to view all of your protection settings in a very simple and visual way.

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