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Wishlist Member Plugins Developed by WishList Products You May Want to Know AboutWishlist Member Plugins Developed by WishList Products You May Want to Know About

Wishlist Member Plugins Developed by WishList Products You May Want to Know About

WishList Products is the company behind the WishList Member plugin.

We discovered that many Wishlist Member users don’t even know that WishList Products also developed some very useful add-ons for the WishList Member plugin.

In this post we go over these add-ons, as you may find some of them useful for your membership site:

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Wishlist Dashboard 2.0 - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Dashboard 2.0

Wishlist Dashboard 2.0 allows you to create multiple dashboards for members with different styles and layouts.

Each dashboard can be customized based on the available settings provided.

The dashboards can be easily displayed in any post or page using a simple shortcode (see screenshots further down this post).

The Importance of a Members Dashboard for Your Members

  • Quick navigation through the membership site
  • Better understanding of the membership site’s structure
  • Finding the content members need quickly and easily
  • More satisfied members
  • Professional look to the membership site that makes good impression

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Wishlist insider - Monthly Bonus Plugin

Wishlist Insider + Bonus Plugins Overview

Wishlist Insider is Wishlist Member’s online community. Being part of the Insider community allows you to enjoy:

Free Monthly Bonuses – As an Insider you will get a new bonus plugin every month! All the plugins are developed by the Wishlist team and are Wishlist Member dedicated.

These plugins are really awesome and their main purpose is to help you empower your membership site and increase the engagement of your members to your site.

Some of the plugins are also available for purchase if you are a Wishlist user. You can find the complete list of available plugins for Wishlist Member in this repository.

To make a purchase you need to click on this link and login to your Wishlist user account to view all the plugins.

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Membership Site Engagement

How Can I Increase Engagement in My Membership site?

A membership site has a lot of potential in making you a steady stream of income every month.

One of the most powerful ways to make it happen is by increasing your members’ engagement to your site.

Creating that feeling of engagement won’t happen overnight, as you need to earn your members’ trust.

You will need to provide them with great content, some of it for free, offer them bonuses from time to time and make your community thrive.

Only then you will gain their loyalty and trust, but when you will… the sky it the limit as for your revenues.

So How Can You Increase Your Members’ Engagement?

There are simple things you can implement right away to increase the engagement to your membership site: Read more…

Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

What is the Best Way to Add a Members Dashboard to My Membership Website?



I have a membership website with 3 different membership levels and I would like to add a members dashboard.

Until now I have been using the shortcodes  supplied with Wishlist Member plugin and to create a special page with all the content.

Is there a better way to build a members dashboard on my membership website?

Thank, John

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

Why Would I Need to Add a Dashboard On My Membership Website?



I have started to build my first membership website and I can’t understand.

Why should I add a dashboard on my membership website?

Thank, Justin

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

Where Can I Buy Wishlist Dashboard Plugin ?



I want to add a dashboard to my membership website.

Where can I buy Wishlist Dashboard Plugin?

Thank, Seth

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

Can I Add More Than One Dashboard Using Members Dashboard?



I have bought Members Dashboard and I want to add a dashboard for each level.

Can I do do using  using Members Dashboard?

Thank, Dave

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Members Multiple Dashboard VS Wishlist Dashboard

Both Wishlist Dashboard  and Members Multiple Dashboard are very powerful plugins for creating a members dashboard on your membership website.

Although you can find both plugins useful, there are some differences between the two of them you should know before you decide which one to choose for your membership site.

Wishlist Dashboard

Wishlist Dashboard was developed by Wishlist Products, those are the same guys that had developed Wishlist Member. Wishlist Dashboard was published as a bonus plugin for Wishlist Insider’s members on January 2012.

If you haven’t been a member on the Wishlist Insider community at that time, you currently can’t buy this plugin as a separate product.

Members Multiple Dashboard

Members Multiple Dashboard is third party plugin that was developed by PoweredByWLM website and it’s currently available for sale.

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