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Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts [NEW PLUGIN]

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts [NEW PLUGIN]

Your Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration is just about to get WAY better with this new plugin…

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts is a unique plugin that allows you to grant existing members with special discounts for products you sell through your WooCommerce store based on the membership level they are registered to.

Your Benefit from Using the Plugin

The plugin is very versatile and there are many tactics to using it to increase your revenues. Here are few of the benefits:

1. Increase the registrations to your membership site

By granting unique discounts for members only, while regular customers will pay higher price) will encourage customers to register to your membership site

2. Encourage members to upgrade their membership

By granting bigger discounts to members of higher membership levels you will encourage your other members to upgrade their membership

3. Increase your overall sales & revenues

No matter which tactic you choose to implement on your audience, granting discounts only to specific groups of users will help you increase your overall sales and revenues

Main Features

These are the main features of Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts:

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How to create a storefront using Wishlist Member & Easy Digital Downloads?

WooThemes Wishlist Member WooCommerce Extension Error



I’m having issues setting up WooCommerce and the Wishlist Member Integration Extension from WooThemes.

I’m using PayPal Advanced via the PayPal Advanced extension (also from WooThemes).

I’m also using the Genesis Framework and the Agency child theme.

I’ve read all the documentation for each extension and believe I have set things up correctly, but I can’t get things to work. So, there’s a good chance that I don’t have things set up correctly.

The issue I’m currently struggling with is as following. I can get to the point of checking out. I add my credit card data via the PayPal Advanced screen. When I click the button to process the order, I get the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wlmapi_update_member() in /home/cdonohue/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-wishlist-member/woocommerce_wishlist.php on line 311.

My credit card does get charged and the payment does show up in my PayPal account. There is no contact made with Wishlist Member, though. No new members ever show up and I’m never redirected beyond the error message noted above.

If anyone has seen this before, I could sure use some guidance. Thanks!

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