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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

How can I display a syllabus of my online course content according to members and membership levels?


“I am currently in the process of creating my online course membership site using Wishlist, the course will be structured like this: 20 modules (every module is a membership level), every module contains 5-10 posts that will be dripped to the students on a weekly basis.

What I need are 2 things and I was wondering if you could tell be how they are possible to achieve (if they are possible in any way…):

1. Since my course contains a lot of content, I need my students to be able to track their progress so they would know in which module and post they are exactly.

2. I want the members dashboard to show the content divided to modules, and under each module will appear all the videos related to the relevant module. This would be like a syllabus of all the content.

How can I achieve these things? It’s very urgent for me as the course will be launched in 2 weeks.

Happy Holidays!


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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Can an existing member upgrade their membership using Wishlist Registration Widget plugin?


“I have Wishlist Registration Widget Premium. I use it in my sidebar for a free registration to one of my levels. I just created a second level that I also am offering as a free registration. I pasted in the shortcode at the bottom of a post for the second registration, but it gives me an error that my email already exists (which it does from the first registration). How do I make it possible to add the second free registration with your widget?”

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodes for Wishlist Member Plugin

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes Plugin Complete Overview

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes is a new plugin that contains an impressive number of 32 smart shortcodes to help improve and enhance your membership site.

Using the shortcodes you will be able to display different statistics and information about your membership site to both existing and potential clients.

These shortcodes are unique to Wishlist Member membership sites and are not available in the Wishlist Member plugin itself.

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes is divided to 1 Core plugin + 3 Add-Ons which are available for purchase additionally.

These are the available shortcodes:

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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