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Wishlist insider - Monthly Bonus Plugin

Wishlist Insider + Bonus Plugins Overview

Wishlist Insider is Wishlist Member’s online community. Being part of the Insider community allows you to enjoy:

Free Monthly Bonuses – As an Insider you will get a new bonus plugin every month! All the plugins are developed by the Wishlist team and are Wishlist Member dedicated.

These plugins are really awesome and their main purpose is to help you empower your membership site and increase the engagement of your members to your site.

Some of the plugins are also available for purchase if you are a Wishlist user. You can find the complete list of available plugins for Wishlist Member in this repository.

To make a purchase you need to click on this link and login to your Wishlist user account to view all the plugins.

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Wishlist Welcome - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Welcome

Wishlist Welcome is November’s monthly bonus plugin for the Wishlist Insider community and this plugin is really awesome.

Wishlist Welcome allows you to create personalized messages that will be displayed to your members within a Lightbox after the user logs in to the site.

You can create, edit and style the messages and display them to your desired membership levels.

The cool thing is that you can display the messages based on the member’s number of logins, a set date range and more.

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This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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