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Wishlist Checklist - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

WL Checklist is Wishlist Member new bonus plugin of the month, and it’s a really cool plugin.

Wishlist Checklist allows you to add multiple “To Do” lists that you can present to your members on posts or pages, or even on a specific widget.

The lists can be fully customized and each member can “check-off” the items on their lists as they are accomplished. BTW, you can add as many items to the checklist as you want.

But the cool thing is that once your members had completed the check list, you can present them a certain message, reward them with a bonus, or even add them to another membership level.

Wishlist Checklist is an awesome plugin for increasing the engagement within your membership site.

Wishlist Checklist Screenshots

Wishlist Checklist Tutorial

Wishlist Checklist Tutorial

Go to Wishlist Checklist Tutorial

How Can You Get Wishlist Checklist?

Wishlist Checklist is now available for purchase for Wishlist Member clients only using credits.

You may already have credits inside your account.

If you do, you can use these credits to purchase the plugins you need from the long list of excellent plugins Wishlist offers for sale.

If you don’t have enough credits, don’t worry!

You can purchase extra credits straight from your account.

To view all the available plugins click here (under “My Software”)

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About Scott Williams

PHP coding expert and Wishlist Member user. Familiar with Wishlist Member API. Built many custom plugs for clients. Besides my love for coding, I also enjoy swimming and taking long runs. Code = Poetry. Scott is a lead developer at HappyPlugins.com | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites

11 Responses to “Wishlist Checklist”

  1. Hey there Scott,
    I own wishlist member and have it installed on a fwe sites and a about to install DAP on another site (due to the features I am after that WLM does not have). I am not a ‘insider’ and was wondering if you knew if the ‘checklist’ plugin would also work with DAP as well as WLM?
    thanks for your help.

    • Hi David,
      The WP Checklist works only with Wishlist. What features are you looking for? Wishlist developed many other plugins that are available for the insider’s members only.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Quick question about Wishlist Checklist. I would like to make the tasks be links to audios, videos, etc. Is there a way to do that?


  3. Hi there, so are you saying this plugin is not available at all even if you join the Insider programme now? Can’t I buy it standalone? I’m a Wishlist customer since day one. Cheers

    • Hi Nicola,
      The Wishlist Member team is releasing a new bonus plugin every month for the Insider community, and as a member, you can get only the plugins that are released from the month you registered as an Insider.
      As for now, Wishlist is offering some of their previous plugins for sell (also, only for the Insider community, so you need to register as an Insider and then search for the post “Past Plugins” in the search box inside Wishlist Insider).
      You can see the list of all the available plugins and a review on every one of them in this post:
      Good luck,

  4. Do the checklists remember a member’s progress if they log out/log in, or use another computer?

    • Wishlist Member Plugins Reply March 28, 2013 at 4:08 pm

      Yes, Wishlist checklist save all the information for a specific user inside your WordPress database.

      The user can log in from any computer that he or she wants and will still see all the information.

  5. Can I include HTML links in the item description?


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