Wishlist Login 2.0

Wishlist Login 2.0 - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Login 2.0 is a very cool plugin that allows you to add several login forms inside your membership site.

WL Login 2.0 gives you several ways to place your login form inside your membership site so your members will be able to login to your site easily.

Your members will be able to choose to login to the site using their username and password or by using a social network according to the networks you activate.

Wishlist Login Form Types

  • Sidebar login form – Set the login form options in the widget area
  • Pop up login form – You can place a floating login button on the right-top side of your membership site or by adding a link in the menu
  • Post login form – Embed a login form inside pasts or pages using shortcodes

Wishlist Login 2.0 Social Buttons

With Wishlist Login 2.0 you can include social buttons inside your login form. The available social buttons are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+

Wishlist Login 2.0 Display Settings

You can customize the login form according to your needs:

  • Form Type – Full compact the horizontal layout
  • Colour – You can choose any colour you like

Wishlist Login 2.0 Tutorial

You can watch Wishlist Login 2.0 complete tutorial and decide for yourself how cool this plugin is:

Wishlist Login 2.0 Tutorial

Watch Wishlist Login 2.0 Tutorial

How Can You Get Wishlist Login 2.0?

Wishlist Login 2.0 is now available for purchase for all of Wishlist Member clients using credits.

You may already have credits inside your account.

If you do, you can use these credits to purchase the plugins you need from the long list of excellent plugins Wishlist offers for sale.

If you don’t have enough credits, don’t worry!

You can purchase extra credits straight from your account.

To view all the available plugins click here (under “My Software”)

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About Jen Morgan

I am an online marketing expert and a true Wordpress expert who worked at a large digital media company. I won many online marketing contests including "The most Unconventional Marketing Tactic". Besides my love the to the online world I also love dogs and cats and own one of each kind. Jen is the marketing department manager at HappyPlugins.com | Plugins & Guides for eCommerce Websites

6 Responses to “Wishlist Login 2.0”

  1. Thanks,great review I love this plugin.

    I’m using wishlist registration widget for getting new members and this one for login.

  2. Hey Jen,
    Question, this says if you didn’t join the WishList Member in March you can’t get this plugin? So, why would I join now!!!

    Is this plugin available for all members once they join? Also, I noted a competing and seems to be exact same product just coming out of BETA online, is that the same plugin (google it you will find page 1).

    Thanks let me know,

    • Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Wishlist Member customers who are members in their online community – Wishlist Insider gets a new bonus plugin every month.

      The point of the bonus plugin is that only members who were registered to the Insider during the month it was released, will get it.

      However, the Wishlist team is offering some of their past bonus plugins for purchase (also, only to the Insider community).

      You can check out the list of the current plugins offered for purchase in this post: http://wishlistmemberplugins.net/wishlist-insiders-bonus-plugins-overview

      Regarding the competing plugin, what is the link? I couldn’t find it.

      Best regards,



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