Wishlist Quiz 2.0

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 - Wishlist Member Dedicated PluginWishlist Quiz 2.0 is an awesome plugin that allows you to create quizzes for your members.

Quizzes are an awesome way to give members plenty of value and increase their engagement to your membership site.

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 is actually an improved version of Wishlist Quiz 1.0 that was released by the Wishlist team as November 2012 bonus plugin.

I will go over the main differences between the two versions further down this post.

3 Way To Enhance Your Membership Site Using Quizzes

1. For a Modular Course

If you are a selling an online modular course, you can empower its effect on your members by building quizzes between one module to another.

For example: Members who pass the test successfully will be able to continue to the next module and members who failed the test will need to go through the same module’s materials again.

Using quizzes is an excellent way to differentiate your course from other courses and leave a great impact on your members.

2. As a Bonus strategy

You can use quizzes to handout bonuses to your members and increase their loyalty and engagement.

Members who pass the test will be granted access to the bonus area.

For example: You can build several quizzes in different difficulty levels, the higher the difficulty of the test, the grater the bonus is.

3. As Getting Started Practice

You can use quizzes to map your members’ level of understanding and give them content that is more suitable to the knowledge they have.

These quizzes can help you divide your members to beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Find out how you can get Wishlist Quiz 2.0 here

The Process to Building Quizzes Using Wishlist Quiz 2.0

Building quizzes with Wishlist Quiz 2.0 is simple and takes a few minutes:

1. Choose a Name for Your quiz

2. Define the Pass and Fail Settings

  • The levels your members will be removed from or added to (you can insert more than one level)
  • The After Quiz page

3. Choose a Passing Score

4. Write the Questions and Answers for Your quiz

  • Determine a score for each question
  • Choose the correct answer from the answers provided

5. Insert the Shortcodes Inside the Relevant Pages

Core Pages Needed for Wishlist Quiz 2.0

1. A page where you add the quiz to

2. A quiz success page

3. A quiz fail page

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 Settings

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 has 3 main tabs:

The Settings Tab

In this tab you can write different messages your member will see in different situations:

  • Missing quiz message
  • User not logged-in message
  • Quiz taken message

The Quiz Builder Tab

This is where you create your quizzes.

Quiz Results Tab

You can filter the quizzes according to different segments.

This is a great way to get to know your members better and to be able to provide them with suitable content
according to the results.

You can take actions based on the results of the quiz: delete from membership level, add to level etc.

Wishlist Quiz 1.0 vs. Wishlist Quiz 2.0

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 is an improved version of Wishlist Quiz 1.0, and in the second version there is a lot more flexibility:

1. Pass or Fail Settings

Version 1.0 – You can only determine settings for a passing member

Version 2.0 – You can determine settings for members who pass or fail the quiz

2. Add or Remove from Levels

Version 1.0 – You can only add a passing members to a level

Version 2.0 – You can add or remove members from certain levels and select to which page each of them will be transferred to

3. Submission Button Text

Version 1.0 – Can’t be changed

Version 2.0 – You can Change the text for the quiz submission button

4. Quiz Building Flow

The flow of the quiz building process in version 2.0 is much easier.

5. Quiz Results Filter

There are a lot more options to filter the quizzes results, which can help you get to more conclusions regarding your members.

6. Using the Shortcodes

In version 2.0 the quiz’s shortcodes can be easily inserted into the pages by using the WLM icon inside the page’s toolbar.

Find out how you can get Wishlist Quiz 2.0 here


Can a user do the test more than once? Yes

Is it possible to add open questions to the quiz? No open questions and answers, right or wrong answers only.

Is it possible to have multiple correct answers? Yes

Is it possible to determine a percentage instead of a passing score? No, however, the wishlist team said they will check this option.

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 Screenshot

Click on the link to enlarge screenshot:

Wishlist Quiz 2.0

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 Tutorial

Watch this short tutorial about Wishlist Quiz 2.0 and see how you can easily setup quizzes for your members in a few minutes:

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 Tutorial

Watch Wishlist Quiz 2.0 Tutorial here

How Can I Get Wishlist Quiz 2.0?

Wishlist Quiz 2.0 is now available for purchase for Wishlist Member clients only using credits.

You may already have credits inside your account.

If you do, you can use these credits to purchase the plugins you need from the long list of excellent plugins Wishlist offers for sale.

If you don’t have enough credits, don’t worry!

You can purchase extra credits straight from your account.

To view all the available plugins click here (under “My Software”)

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14 Responses to “Wishlist Quiz 2.0”

  1. Can you add an image to a question? i.e. What is this? and picture of something

  2. Hi. Can I upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0? I have lots of members who have already passed quizzes and been added to levels in 1.0. Is it easy to just make the upgrade or would I have to start all over?


  3. Also, second question: Is there a short code for the date a member is added to a level after taking a quiz – or the date the quiz is passed – that I could use in a certificate or something for them to print out after passing a quiz?


    • Hi Christopher,

      As for the upgrade – You can upgrade to Wishlist Quiz 2.0 and your original Wishlist Quiz info will be okay.
      All of the data will be properly imported after the upgrade so no data will be lost.
      Of course, we recommend you do a WordPress site back up before hand just in case.

      As for the shortcode – There is not a shortcode for the date you asked about.

      If you have anymore questions, you can contact Wishlist Member’s support team directly.

  4. Hi! Where can I buy the Wishlist Quiz 2.0 plugin? I can’t find anywhere! Thanks!

  5. I’m using this on a site for a university class and the students realllly want to know WHICH QUESTIONS they got wrong/right. I think our workaround will be to make every question a quiz. But a solution to this would be great for next version.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Wishlist Quiz was developed by Wishlist Products company so we can’t really influence the new features that they are going to to add to a new version. You contact them directly through their support on: http://support.wishlistproducts.com or if you are a Wishlist Insiders member you can post on their forums and Wray will pick it up and let you know if this is going to be added in a new version of Wishlist Quiz.


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