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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

How to create a storefront using Wishlist Member & Easy Digital Downloads?


“Hi, I had purchased the easy digital downloads plus and you guys installed it for me which was wonderful. Do you have directions for the best way to start using the plug-in with WishList for creating a storefront? I’m looking to put the products on one page of my website as a store.
Thank you for always being so helpful! 

Warm regards, Carol”


Hi Carol,

​Thank you for your email and your kind words!

​For creating a store front you can choose a relevant theme from EDD in this link:

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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Does Wishlist Member integrate with SendOwl eCommerce platform?


Hi guys,

I want to integrate my Wishlist membership site with an eCommerce platform and I was wondering if Wishlist Member integrates with SendOwl.

Also, do you know of any other ecommerce platforms that integrate with Wishlist?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



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