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Can I send more than one email notification to members who’s membership is about to expire?


“I manage a membership site where members register at a $27 monthly price for one year and after that year they can renew their membership at 30% discount for one more year.

I think that the discount is quite attractive, and I believe that members who hadn’t cancelled their subscription for a complete year are probably satisfied with the content and will be willing to renew their membership.

The thing is that I feel like I am losing renewals. Besides the statistic facts that clearly show that my renewal rates are very low, I keep getting angry emails from members that had no idea their membership expired, I’m assuming they missed my email reminder.

I set an email reminder to be sent to members 7 days before their membership expires, but this is clearly not enough as many people obviously miss this email.

I really need your help because I am clearly losing money here…

In the Wishlist Member settings I saw an option to send only one reminder (under the Expiring Member Notification option).

Do you know of any way I can make the plugin send out more then one notification? I will take any number above 1 🙂

Any help is much appreciated!

Don B”

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