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We are a 3rd-party company that develops different Wishlist dedicated plugins and provide different services for Wishlist Member users, including:

  • Membership Site Building
  • Custom Development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Website’s Speed Optimization
  • WordPress and Wishlist Member Consulting

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How to Contact Us:

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Got questions about Wishlist Member plugin itself?

If you have questions about Wishlist Member plugin itself and how to use it, you have 2 options:

  1. Contact Wishlist Member support directly or watch any of their video tutorials

Need support for a plugin purchased through

Our company develops plugins for membership and eCommerce websites, and specializes in the Wishlist Member platform.

If you need support for purchased a plugin at, please go over the documentation of the plugin and if you couldn’t find your answer, open a ticket to the support team.

Purchased WishList Member plugin through one of our links?

If you have purchased Wishlist Member plugin through one of our affiliate links on this website we want to give you a free Wishlist Member plugin as a gift. Contact us through the contact form below.

Looking for Custom Development for WishList Member?

Please contact us through this form:

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