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How to Increase Your WooCommerce Shop's Earnings by Granting Your WishList Members Special Discounts

How to Increase Your WooCommerce Shop’s Earnings by Granting Your WishList Members Special Discounts

Now you can finally grant your WishList Member members discounts on your WooCommerce shop’s products! The discount is calculated automatically and displayed only to members, while your regular customers will see the regular price.

Give your WishList Members discounts on your WooCommerce shop products, increase their loyalty and generate a lot more revenues from your online shop!

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Let’s say you have a WishList Member membership site on how to start a podcast called “The Podcast Master” with hundreds of members.

Now let’s say you also have an online shop (with WooCommerce) with products you sell, not only to members, but to anyone who wants to start a podcast, but isn’t registered to your membership site.

Products such as: Mind maps, checklists, mini courses etc.

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts you can choose to give your members discounts on the products you sell.

So customers who are not part of your membership site will pay the FULL price, while your members will enjoy a unique discount.

Here is an example…

You sell “Podcast Distribution & Marketing Checklists” through your Woo shop

The regular product price is – $40

Members product price is – $20

The discount is calculated automatically according to the member’s membership level.

You can even define different discounts for each membership level.

For example:

Free Membership price (instead of 40) > $30
Paid Membership price (instead of 40) > $20

Main Benefits:

By granting members with unique discounts on your woo products you will achieve 2 main benefits:

1 – Increase your members’ loyalty and retention

2 – Increase your overall revenues by encouraging purchases

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts plugin costs only &67 and you will see your return on your investment in no time!

All the information about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Members Discounts in this link

Top 5 Protection Plugins for WishList Member Membership Platform

Top 5 Protection Plugins for WishList Member Membership Platform

Wishlist Member is one of the most popular platforms for membership sites, and since they released WishList Member version 3.0 it is even much better.

And with our awesome plugins that allow you to extend the platform even more, the sky is really the limit.

In this post we go over out top 5 plugins that are related to content protection inside Wishlist Member:

  • Wishlist Auto Protect Pro
  • Dynamic Error Pages for Wishlist Member
  • Wishlist First Login Redirection
  • Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus
  • Wishlist Auto Registration

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Can I Subscribe Members to a Free Membership using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

Can I Subscribe Members to a Free Membership using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

Kyle’s Question:

“Can Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin be used to subscribe members to a free membership level?
If yes, is it just as simple as setting the product price to £0?”

HappyPlugins Support Answer:

YES!!! It’s possible.
When using WooCommerce to sell your membership levels the only price that is important is the product price.
You can set the price to be 0 in your case.
Can I Subscribe Members to a Free Membership using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

Does VAT get automatically calculated when using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

Laura’s Question:

“Does the VAT get automatically calculated per country and purchase using this plugin? I am from the european union and need this feature. If so, do you have a video demonstrating how this works?

I use Wishlist Member + Stripe.

Is it possible to add a pay by installments option with will take a recurring payment only for a 4 month period”

HappyPlugins Support Answer:

When integrating Wishlist Member and WooCommerce all the payments, including the taxes are processed via the WooCommerce platform.

What Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus does is it allows you to integrate the 2 platforms smoothly and easily, and assign Woo customers to any WLM membership level you want.

As WOO is the platform that handles the payments, regarding your question about the VAT, you will find more information about it in Woo documentation.

Regarding installments via Woo and Stripe you may find more information in this doc.

You can also contact WOO support for more info.

You will also find more information and video tutorials regarding Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus in our documentation.

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Resources:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Core Plugin

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus – Plugin & Addons (20% off)

The Ultimate Wishlist Member WooCommerce Bundle (30% off)

Wishlist Member – WooCommerce Integration & Generating Invoices

Wishlist Member – WooCommerce Integration & Generating Invoices

If you are not already familiar with the most powerful integration plugin for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce and even if you are and wondering if this plugin will suit your needs, here is a question we received from Pat, a potential customer, who was asking if when integrating WLM & WOO it will be possible to generate an invoice for the members who will purchase membership/s.

The short answer is – YES, definitely!

Here is the longer answer we also answered him:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus integrated Wishlist Member and WooCommercce to allow you to sell Woo products as Wishlist Member membership levels.

So for the purpose you have described: “What we are looking for is to integrate woocommerce with wlm and have woocommerce send the customer an invoice and still ideally register them for a membership level.” >> Our plugin will do the work!

Regarding the invoices:

This is a Woocommerce feature that can be done via the WooCommerce platform using a plugin called PDF Invoices.
The benefit of integrating WLM & WOO:

The great thing about integrating WLM and WOO is that you will have the ability to use ALL the functions Woocommerce offers and still manage a membership site with all the membership feature offered by Wishlist Member.

Sounds Interesting?

Here is a link to ​​​​​​​Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin + add-ons:

Wishlist Member 3.0 - Complete Review & Overview

An In-Depth Look at Wishlist Member 3.0

The WishList Product team have wrapped up the initial development process and they are now focused on the official release of WishList Member 3.0.

In order to help everyone be prepared for the change, they created a video with a more in depth look at the all new interface of WishList Member.

You can watch the video here:

An In-Depth Look at Wishlist Member 3.0

Wishlist Member 3.0 - Complete Review & Overview

Wishlist Member Version 3.0 – Q&A


Wishlist Member 3.0 is about to release and the co founder of Wishlist Products, Tracy Childers, has answered some very important questions regarding the new version.

Questions such as:

  • New integrations
  • User experience
  • Compatibility with WordPress and Gutenberg
  • The release date-range of the new version
  • New pricing
  • And more…

You can check the short FAQ video in this link


Wishlist Member 3.0 BETA is Now Released!

Wishlist Member 3.0 BETA is Now Released!

The Wishlist Member team has announced the upcoming release of V 3.0 and it looks amazing!!

Many users have found it too difficult to understand, as it includes so much features, and said that it has a very slow learning curve.

That is why we were very happy to find out that the Wishlist Member team is working on a new version for the platform, and were even more excited when we got the beta version and discovered that they have done major visual improvements.

The Wishlist team is recruiting current WLM users to try the beta version.

You can join the BETA version in this link:

You can also check out their announcement of the upcoming release and a SNEAK PEEK video in this link:

We will keep you updated when the new version is released and send you our complete review and overview.

To stay updated please make sure you are registered to our email list using the registration form on your right.

5 Powerful Ways You Can Implement Right Away to Get More Members to Join Your Membership Site

5 Powerful Ways You Can Implement Right Away to Get More Members to Join Your Membership Site

One of the main things that keep membership sites’ owners minds busy is how to increase their registration rates.

There are many tactics you can implement to register more members, here are 5 you can implement right away and enjoy an immediate increase in income and revenues:

1. Offer Free Membership Registration

Increase their engagement by letting free members interact with your free content and increase the chances of converting them into paying members

You can generate a lot more free registrations using these powerful plugins:

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Wishlist First Login Redirection Plugin

Why You Should Redirect New Members to a Unique Page on their First Login?

Wishlist Member plugin allows you to redirect members in different membership levels to different pages when they login to the members’ area.

You can do it from the Levels tab per membership level under the Redirects section » After Login as seen in the below screenshot:

Wishlist Member Membership Levels - After Login Redirection

However, many of our Wishlist Member clients have been asking us if there is an option to redirect new members to a different login page, so they will not be redirected to the same page as all other members (usually the dashboard page).

That is why we have developed the Wishlist First Login Redirection plugin that allows you to redirect members to a unique login page in these scenarios:

  • First time ever login – Members who are completely new to the membership site and are logging-in for the very first time to the members’ area
  • First login after membership upgrade – Members who have upgraded their membership and are now logging-in for the first time after the upgrade
  • First login after a long absence – Members who were away for a long time and are now logging-in to the site, in other words: members who haven’t logged-in to the site in x number of days you define

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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