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OptimizePress Review

OptimizePress 2.0 Launches Tomorrow July 31, 2013

If you are selling something online then you must know OptimizePress theme.

We are using OptimizePress in all of our sales pages and in some of our membership sites.

Tomorrow, July 31, 2013, the new version of the theme will be released and everyone… and we mean everyone is waiting for it.

The comments’ section is literally blown up with comments!

Check out OptimizePress 2.0 here

Important Update!

Check out our post on OptimizePress 2.0:

5 Reasons OptimizePress 2.0 Will Make Your Life Easier

Wishlist Members Count

Wishlist Members Count Plugin

The first plugin we will be releasing on the “$5 Plugins” deals is Wishlist Members Count.

Wishlist Members Count allows you to present the number of members registered to your membership site using simple shortcodes.

The shortcodes can be placed in the sidebar and in any page or post according to your needs.

Keep reading below for more information on the plugin.

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Wishlist Members Count

The $5 Plugin Deal

Have you ever needed a simple feature for your membership site and you thought to yourself: “If there was just a simple plugin for that…”?

Well, we need simple features that don’t exist all the time, and the more membership sites we build and manage, the more this thought crosses through our mind.

So we started developing these “tiny” plugins for ourselves, and it occurred to us that if we need these kind of plugins, other membership sites owners probably need them too.

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Creating OTO (One Time Offers) with Wishlist Member Plugin

Creating OTO (One Time Offers) with Wishlist Member Plugin

If you are still not using OTO then you are practically leaving money on the table! If you use this marketing method the right way, OTO can increase your conversion rates in over 50% and even more!

So What is OTO Anyway?

OTO or One-Time-Offer is a special offer you suggest to your clients after they complete a certain action you want them to complete in order to increase/ maximize your earnings.

The whole point of the OTO is to be one-time, meaning, it won’t repeat itself and your clients will not be able to go back to the OTO page and get that offer again after they leave it.

Your OTO can be a free offer for joining mailing list, downloading a free product or selling a complementary product.

All You Need to Know about Creating OTO

  • OTO Advantages
  • OTO Disadvantages
  • OTO Possible Flows
  • OTO Pros and Cons
  • Tips for Creating OTO Sales Letter
  • OTO and Wishlist Member plugin

How Can You Access the Guide?

It’s simple! In order to access the guide all you need to do is register to our FREE membership on the form to your right.

Our Free membership also includes access to all the protected posts and guides we publish.

Register to our Free membership in the form to your right 


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Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes

Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes – 72 Hours Only Special Discount

In the last couple of months we ran a survey among our customers asking them if they plan on using Wishlist’s pay-per-post feature.

We got some really interesting responses…

The most interesting one was that membership sites owners are not certain this kind of model would even work.

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Free plugins for improving your membership site’s SEO

Free Plugins for Improving Your Membership Site’s SEO

One of the best ways to attracting new potential members to your membership site is by giving some of the information for free and get non-members to enter your site.

You can do that by releasing some of the content for free without having to register to any membership, or you can give them some of the information in the post for free and grant access only by registering to your free membership.

We have collected some of the very useful plugins that will improve your membership site’s SEO.

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Backup Your Membership Website

Backup your Membership Website Guide

Backing up your membership website is a task you should have preformed a long time ago. If you treat your membership website as business (like you should), you’ve got to have a good backup strategy.

WordPress websites, like any other website, can be hacked or even stop working without any obvious reason, or in the worse case, it can even totally crash.

There are many reasons why your membership website could stop working or get hacked, and sometimes even one faulty plugin can do a lot of mess.

Although websites do not crash on a daily basis, an up to date backup copy is a must have because when something will happen you will regret you haven’t thought about it before.

If you already have a backup solution for your website and you want to find out if there is other or better options, or even if you don’t use any backup solutions at all, you should read this guide and choose the right solution for your needs.

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Wishlist insider - Monthly Bonus Plugin

Wishlist Insider + Bonus Plugins Overview

Wishlist Insider is Wishlist Member’s online community. Being part of the Insider community allows you to enjoy:

Free Monthly Bonuses – As an Insider you will get a new bonus plugin every month! All the plugins are developed by the Wishlist team and are Wishlist Member dedicated.

These plugins are really awesome and their main purpose is to help you empower your membership site and increase the engagement of your members to your site.

Some of the plugins are also available for purchase if you are a Wishlist user. You can find the complete list of available plugins for Wishlist Member in this repository.

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Wishlist Insider Monthly Bonus Plugin

Wishlist Registration Cap – Wishlist Insider Bonus Plugin (July 2013)

UPDATE: Wishlist Registration Cap is no longer available for purchase. Send us a quote request for custom development at or check out all the available plugins and extensions for Wishlist Member in the most thorough repository we built.

This plugin is not available for purchase anymore.

If you are interested in similar features, you can contact one of our developers for developing this kind of a solution for your exact specifications and requirements email us through the contact form on contact us page

Also, if you are looking to extend your WishList membership site with awesome features that will increase your sales and revenues make sure you check

Wishlist Registration Cap allows you to limit the number of registrations for a certain membership level inside your membership site.

Using the plugin is very simple, all you need to do is set the capacity in the plugin`s setting, add the shortcodes into the relevant post or page and that`s it.

You can also use simple shortcodes to present your users the number of used and remaining registrations.

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Wishlist Auto Registration for Wishlist Member

Wishlist Auto Registration for Wishlist Member Coming Soon…

In the past few months we have been getting so many requests from customers to develop a plugin that will register members automatically to Wishlist Member membership sites.

We are finally happy to announce that we will be releasing Wishlist Auto Registration in a few weeks.

Important Update:

Wishlist Auto Registration has been released and is now available for purchase.

Go to Wishlist Auto Registration homepage to get all the details.

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Wishlist Smart Shortcodest - Improve your Membership Site
This Website is Using Wishlist Memers Count to Increase Members Registration
Wishlist Registration Widget - Increase Members Registration
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