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Wishlist Login 2.0 - Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugin

Wishlist Login 2.0

This plugin is not available for purchase anymore.

If you are interested in similar features, you can contact one of our developers for developing this kind of a solution for your exact specifications and requirements email us through the contact form on contact us page

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Wishlist Login 2.0 is a very cool plugin that allows you to add several login forms inside your membership site.

WL Login 2.0 gives you several ways to place your login form inside your membership site so your members will be able to login to your site easily.

Your members will be able to choose to login to the site using their username and password or by using a social network according to the networks you activate.

Wishlist Login Form Types

  • Sidebar login form – Set the login form options in the widget area
  • Pop up login form – You can place a floating login button on the right-top side of your membership site or by adding a link in the menu
  • Post login form – Embed a login form inside pasts or pages using shortcodes

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Wishlist Auto Registration

Wishlist Auto Registration – New Plugin Coming Soon!

We know that many of you have been waiting for a plugin that would register members to your membership site automatically.

After developing such a plugin and using it for our own personal use, we started getting emails about it from customers, so we decided to release the plugin for all of Wishlist Member users.

The plugin is called Wishlist Auto Registration and it will be available for Wishlist Member users who are using Clickbank or PayPal as their gateways.

Important Update!

Wishlist Auto Registration is Now Available!

Go to the plugin’s homepage here

By the way, we have opened a new store there we are selling all of our  Wishlist dedicated plugins.

You can check it out here

Wishlist Selector – Wishlist Insider’s Bonus Plugin (August 2013) - See more at:

Wishlist Insider’s March 2013 Bonus Plugin

The Wishlist Member team just announced the March 2013 bonus plugin is about to be revealed.

As usual, Wishlist will present the new plugin in a special webinar on March 5th.

Wishlist is giving away a free plugin every month to their Wishlist Insider community.

Only members who will be registered to the Insider during March will get the plugin for free.

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