Category | October, 2011

Members Multiple Dashboard Plugin

Creating a welcoming interface for members is very daunting for most membership website owners. After spending so much money and energy, it might end up looking very generic and unfriendly to use, like some typical blog you see elsewhere.

For that reason, membership websites owners used to hire site developers just to solve interface problems, and spend a lot of money. Read more…


Members Dashboard Plugin Review

Members Dashboard plugin will help you take care of your members when they log in to your membership website.

Whenever a new member signs up to your site, it is best to let them have a good feeling of how they will be going about what they had signed up for.

You can achieve this by giving them a good interface that lets them know what to do next.  Building such an interface can be a very tedious job, especially if your membership website content is dynamic and constantly changing. Read more…

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