About Wishlist Member Plugins

When we first started using Wishlist Member plugin we were overwhelmed by the number of features and versatility this plugin offers.

We have tried to find more information but back than in 2009 (yes, we are using Wishlist Member for more than 11 years 🙂 ) it’s was kind of hard to gather all the information.

So we have decided to build a 3rd-party website called Wishlist Member Plugins, the website has one main purpose in our minds: to create a complete resource of all available Wishlist member plugins for you, so you can easily find what you need in order to build your successful membership site.

We wanted you to be able to find all the plugins that are made for Wishlist member or closely related to the building a membership website.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

Our team includes Wishlist Member experts and certified developers who understand Wishlist Member’s code inside out.

We develop plugins for the Wishlist Member platform over 4 years, both as custom development projects and commercial plugins.

All our plugins can be found on our online store at HappyPlugins.com.

We are not the developers of Wishlist Member membership plugin. Wishlist Member was developed by WishlistProducts and you can contact them directly for any support request you have.

We are affiliated with WishlistProducts company and promote their products on this website just like we promote other companies products that are relevant to Wishlist Member users.

For customers that want a special solution we have created a dedicated website you can find it on:  WishlistMemberDevelopers.com

Again this website is our own website and not owned by WishlistProducts.   Wishlist Member Developers intended to gather many developers that develop for Wishlist Member under one place. To create a bigger plugin repository for the Wishlist Member membership site plugin.

I think that we can say that, the idea came through and we have built our online store HappyPlugins that sells many dedicated Wishlist Member plugin you can more information on all dedicated.

So, What Can I Find on This Website?

Wishlist Member Plugins website was built to give Wishlist Member users all the important information, reviews, news and updates regarding Wishlist Member.

This information includes related plugins reviews, Wishlist’s monthly bonus plugins reviews and tutorials, news, special promotions and more!

Until now there wasn’t any place that collected all this information in one place, and we are glad that this large community finally has one place to find everything it needs!

Also, since it requires a lot more than just a few plugins to make a membership website successful, you can find information on: marketing strategies, tips and tools monetize your site.

That is we built another separate marketing section to share our knowledge with you. In that section you will find SEO tips, email marketing tactics, joint venture ideas and much more.

What Can you Find Here?

One of the most important things you will be able to find here is a complete resource to all the plugins for Wishlist Member.

Beside, because we know these plugins are not enough and you will also need other plugins for your membership website, we have built a separate section on the website that includes all the complementary plugins we recommend for you to use on your membership site.

But that’s not all, WordPress plugins are great, but you need more than just a few plugins to make you membership website a success, you will also need some marketing strategies and tools to track your website.

So we built another separate marketing section to share our knowledge with you. In that section, you will find SEO tips, email marketing tactics, joint venture ideas and much more.

Are Your Links Affiliated?

Yes, most of the links include affiliate links which means that we earn commission every time you buy through these links. We are using affiliate links to cover the website’s expenses and to be able to continue to provide you all the information on Wishlist Member so you can further grow your membership site.

Buying through our affiliate links does not effect your purchase in any way, so you don’t need to worry at all.

Meet The Team

Dana Brown

Dana Brown

I help people establish successful membership sites for about 3 years now. I am a project manager at HappyPlugins.com – An online store for WordPress and Wishlist Member plugins. I am also writing the Weekly Wishlist Member Tips Series and Wishlist Member Quick Video Tips

Jen Morgan

Jen Morgan
Online marketing expert and a true WordPress expert. worked at large digital media company. I won many online marketing contests including “The most Unconventional Marketing Tactic”. Beside my love the to the online world I love dogs and cats and have one of each kind.
Bob Tolbert
User of Wishlist Member starting at the early version and have developed many membership website for clients. My specialty is coding and special projects and tasks.

Scott Williams

Scott Williams
PHP coding expert and Wishlist Member user. Familiar with Wishlist Member API. Built many custom plugs for client. Beside my love to code enjoy swimming and taking long runs outside. Code = Poetry

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