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Does Wishlist Member integrate with InfusionSoft tags?

Does Wishlist Member integrate with InfusionSoft tags?


Does Wishlist Member integrate with InfusionSoft tags and does your Wishlist Auto Registration plugin and the InfusionSoft Add-On also support the tags feature?


*** Important Update from June 1st, 2017: 

If you are using / planning on using InfusionSoft we highly recommend that you check Wishlist Member for InfusionSoft service

Also, if you are thinking of purchasing InfusionSoft, make sure you check our special gift to you (a free license to one of our top Wishlist Member dedicated plugins. You can get all the information in this post: Thinking of Integrating Wishlist Member with InfusionSoft? Don’t Miss Our Gift!

Regarding Wishlist Member & InfusionSoft Tags:

Wishlist Member plugin does indeed support InfusionSoft tags.

You can update the tags settings by going to the Wishlist Member menu » Integration » Shopping Cart » InfusionSoft » Step 2 and edit the level tags settings after you define them inside your InfusionSoft account.

Note that you can add unique tags for added / removed / cancelled members as seen in the below screenshot:

Wishlist Member InfusionSoft Integration Tags Settings

You can also integrate InfusionSoft tags with your corresponding InfusionSoft email lists by going to the Integration tab » AutoResponder » InfusionSoft as seen in the below screenshot:

Wishlist Member InfusionSoft Integration - Autoresponder Tags Settings

Regarding Wishlist Auto Registration & InfusionSoft Tags:

Wishlist Auto Registration plugin and the InfusionSoft Add-On (as well as all other add-ons) perform on the official Wishlist Member API, therefore, the plugin does not change anything in the regular Wishlist Member InfusionSoft integration.

Wishlist Auto Registration simply takes the information returned from the payment gateway to automatically register / upgrade the member to the membership site after the payment is completed successfully.

The InfusionSoft tags will work seamlessly with or without Wishlist Auto Registration.

Go to Wishlist Auto Registration and the InfusionSoft Add-On products pages

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