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Per Post Dripping for WishList Member using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro Plugin [NEW]

Per Post Dripping for WishList Member using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro Plugin [NEW]


One of our most popular plugins for WishList Member is the Wishlist Auto Protect Pro that allows you to change the protection settings of every post or page automatically on any time or date you want.

We are happy to announce that we have added a new feature that is a real game changer and makes this plugin even more versatile and robust…

You can now set up to 10 protection changes per post / page!

You can literately drip every post or page from level to level / from free to paid / from paid to free / from pay-per-post to membership level and vise versa etc…

Wishlist Auto Protect – New Dripping Feature Settings Screen:

This is how the settings are defined within each post or page:

1. Simply click on “New Post”

2. Then go to the Wishlist Auto Protect Meta Box

3. Choose how many protection changes you want that post to have (in the below screenshot):

Wishlist Auto Protect - Per-Post Dripping Feature for WishList Member

Wishlist Auto Protect – Per-Post Dripping Feature for WishList Member


4. Click on the “Show” link and define when the change will occur (in the below screenshot):

Wishlist Auto Protect Meta Box

Wishlist Auto Protect Meta Box


Examples of How You Can Use Wishlist Auto Protect Pro:

Here are some examples on how our customers are using the plugin to give you some inspiration on how you can use it too:

1. Grant VIP Members Access to Premium Content before Other Members

Set the content to change the protection settings from VIP level to VIP + Regular level after X number of days

So in the first couple of days only VIP members will be able to consume the content.

That is also a great way to you to make regular members want to upgrade their membership

2. Create Urgency by Making the Content Completely Disappear after X Number of Days

That tactic is really great for creating urgency and making more people consume your content.

For example, let’s say you conducted a special workshop and you want people to watch the workshop’s recordings.

You can announce that the workshop’s recordings will be open for 7 days only, and after that the recordings will no longer be available.

You simply need to create a new membership level NO ONE has access to accept you, and define within Wishlist Auto Protect Pro that the posts with the recordings will move to a special level only you can access.

3. Give Content for Free for Limited Time and then Sell It

You can offer the content for free for X number of days and then make it paid content.

In continuation to example #2, you can even sell that workshop’s recordings after the 7 days are over.

You don’t have to make it disappear, but you can simply move the content to a paid membership, and people will be able to purchase access to it.

4. Drip the Content from One Membership Level to Another

You can decide to drip specific content and move it from one membership level to another, for example, if you want VIP members to get access to that content before anyone else, and every level below it will get access after a period of time, like this:

  • VIP Members > Get Immediate Access
  • Premium Members > Get Access after 7 Days
  • Pro Member > Get Access after 14 Days
  • Free Members > Get Access after 21 Days

Using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro? We would love to hear how you are using it 🙂

Check Wishlist Auto Protect Pro Product Page

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