Wishlist Insider Monthly Bonus Plugins

Wishlist Insider is giving away a new plugin every month  for the Wishlist Member. Each plugin is only avaiable to currently registed members.

As for now you can not get any previous bonus plugins, but we know that in the near future the Wishlist Member will be them available.

Here is a list of all the Wishlist insider plugins that were published before (click the plugin name to get more information on each plugin):

  • WL Widget ControlHere you can download the WL Widget Control PlugIn. This PlugIn allows you to display specific widgets based on the Membership Level that is logged in and viewing your site.  WL Widget Control will provide additional display options for all sidebar widgets based on the membership levels used in the WishList Member plugin. It also includes display options using WordPress conditional tags.
  • List Users – The List Users plugin allows you to quickly and easily embed user lists into your WordPress pages. You can optionally list all the members of your site on a page or list users only of a specific role.  It supports sorting by first or last name and includes a featured user section that can be turned on or off. It also provides easy integration wit the Easy Member Profiles plugin.
  • Easy Member Profiles –  The Easy Member Profiles plugin allows you to quickly and easily create a simple member profile page for your membership site. It supports showing a member’s gravatar, bio, recent comments, and recent posts for authors.   It also adds the necessary edit profile fields to allow members to select their public profile information.
  • WishList CubePoints Protection –  Imagine protecting your membership content based on the amount of CubePoints a member has. Think of how much interaction you could stimulate within your community using this simple method. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a plugin that did all this for you?  Well, that’s exactly what the WishList CubePoints Protection plugin does. It allows you to protect your posts based on the amount of CubePoints a member has.   Not enough points?   Your member will get redirected to an error page you create. And, this handy little plugin does all the hard work for you.
  • WishList Coupon –  This Bonus Plugin from WishList Member addresses a request that we have received numerous times from our members.   Does WishList Member allow for coupon codes to be used during the registration/payment process?   The quick answer is now “yes”.   The WishList Coupon plugin allows you to create and manage coupons that can discount the price of Membership Levels within your membership site.  The best part?    The WishList Coupon plugin will work with ANY payment processor.
  • WishList Login –   A question we have received quite often is;    “How can I add a login form to the top of my site?”   Usually followed by;   “Can it also open and collapse when clicked on?”  To which the follow up question is typically asked;   “How about customization of colour, size, text, display options, member profile, etc?”   Well, the answer to all those questions (and more!) is now “YES” thanks to the WL Login plugin.
  • WL SmartLinks –  WishList SmartLinks has been designed to redirect your Members to different pages or specific URLs (internal or external) based on the Membership Level they belong to.   This plugin includes various admin options which can allow for different special bonuses or offers to be presented to each specific Membership Level through the same link within your site.   Each Member can click on the same link which will redirect them to the approriate destination based on their Membership Level.
  • WL Quiz –   WL Quiz can be used to create quizes that require specific questions to be answered correctly in order to be upgraded to a new Membership Level.   The site admin has complete control over the creation of the questions and answers as well as the correct responses needed to advance to the new Membership Level.   This plugin can be used for many different scenarios within a site as courses can be offered in a much more organized and professional manner.
  • WL Post Login  –  The WL Post Login plugin can be used to direct a member to a specific Page or Post after they have logged in using a specifically created login URL.   A suffix is created that when added to any URL of a site, it will display a login form that when filled in and submitted will reveal the protected content immediately.  This is a very powerful tool for emailing members direct links to particular pages and allowing them to view that content as soon as they login.
  • WishList Content Scheduler
  • WishList Content Manager
  • WishList Content Archiver
  • WishList Remove Dates
  • WishList Badge
  • WishList Tabs
  • WishList Dashboard
  • Wishlist Favorites

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