Membership Cube Review

Membership Cube is an excellent training program built by two of the most successful internet marketers and experts in membership websites: Lance Tamashiro & Robert Plank who have a huge record of building membership websites.

Although building membership websites using Wishlist Member plugin is very easy, in order to do it the right way, you need more than just technical abilities, and the Membership Cube can help you build your membership website that will make you money.

Who Can Benefit From The Membership Cube Training Program?

  • Membership sites owners who don’t know how to bring traffic to their sites.
  • membership sites owners who are not yet making money from their sites.
  • Membership sites owners who are already making money from their sites, but want to learn new tactics to increase their revenues.

Membership Cube Will Give You the Necessary Knowledge on How to:

  • Market your website
  • Increase your members loyalty
  • Make you money from your membership site
  • And lots more…

What Does Membership Cube Include?

Membership Cube training program includes 18 different lessons. Each lesson focuses on a different subject, starting from the very basic level to the most advanced one:

Setup Your Membership Site

  • How to set up and configure your membership site
  • How to create content for different membership levels
  • How to drip your content to your members

All Your Content in One Day

  • How to fill your membership site with a month worth of content in 1 day
  • What are the plugins you must have on your membership site

 Free Level and List-building

  • How to make money from your free membership site
  • How to monetize a paid membership
  • How to recruit affiliates to promote youe site
  • How to build your Autoresponder list
  • How to run time limited offers in your membership sites using a special plugin you get as a member in the Membership Cube training course

Marketing and Copy-writing

  • What price to charge and how often to rebill your members
  • How to keep your members coming to your site month after month
  • Whether or not you should have an affiliate program
  • Should you include front-end offers

Bucket Membership

  • How to maximize WP Drip plugin potential to keep your members waiting for your future posts
  • How to optimize your membership site for search engines
  • How to post unlimited number of videos

Coaching Memberships

  • Where to upload your to-do lists, idea for future projects, swipe files results and more so you’ll know exactly what your need to do when
  • How to get your members engage with your site by doing a Q&A session once a month

Content Generation

  • How to keep creating great content on autopilot for years
  • How to reactivate old subscribers and get them to re-register your site
  • How to use guest authors to improve your site
  • How to know everything your members are doing on your site (how many posts they read, who’s currently online, who never logged-in to your site and more…)

Daily Membership Sites

  • How to build a daily membership site and make your members log-in every day
  • How to use Facebook to make your members stay registered to your site

4 Q&A Calls to Answer All Your Questions

  • Call No.1 about traffic and promotion
  • Call No.2 about simple copy-writing
  • Call No.3 about retention and engagement
  • Call No.4 about evergreen income

How is Membership Cube Different from other Wishlist Member Tutorials?

Membership Cube is not a technical training program on how to do technical things on Wishlist Member; it’s rather a very impressive and comprehensive training program that will show you the way to build your membership website from scratch.

Also, the most important thing, it will give you no excuses you say to yourself about why you still don’t own a successful membership site.

Membership Cube Bonus Plugins

Membership Cube also includes lots of very useful plugins. These plugins are only available to the membership cube members and are not sold separately.

Here are some of the current plugins included in Membership Cube training program:

WP Drip  – With WP Drip you will be able to automatically drip your members content. This plugin is the only plugin that can be bought separately. You can get more info on WP Drip plugin here

WP List Builder – WP List Builder is a WordPress plugin that integrates your membership software with your e-mail auto-responder. This integrates with ANY e-mail auto-responder in the market.

One Click Sign Up – Get your existing subscribers moved over with one click, using this software.  Use this one-click membership access as a bonus, location for newsletter archives, special promotion and practically whatever you choose.

Special Offer Plugin –  Run special offers right inside your member’s area. Up-sell your members from one level to another in an easy and simple way.

Wishlist Protector –  Specify customized content in your posts. For example, show a different coupon code, personal message or recorded video critique for EACH of your different members.

Wishlist Analyticsfind out what your members are doing inside the member’s area. Wishlist Analytics shows you what pages your members visited, how LONG they stayed on the page, and even if they’re still there at this very moment. This is a very COOL plugin!

Check out the complete list of plugins included in Membership Cube here.

Our Opinion on Membership Cube

As we see it, you have two options:

1. You can start building your membership website and learn from your own mistakes. Of course that making mistakes involve most of the time money investment, or an education fee, as we like to call it.

2. You can sign up to Membership Cube training program, learn from the masters in this field, and start making money right away!

Robert & Lance will guide you hand by hand how to preform and “think” in a way that will take your membership website to next level.

Go to Membership Cube Homepage 
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