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Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe Now Released!

Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe Now Released!

After getting many requests for allowing auto registration for Stripe shopping cart it is finally released.

Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe will allow you to automatically register members to your membership site after they complete the registration form within stripe.

This is How the Flow Looks Like:

Step 1: Customer clicks on the payment link/ button

Step 2: A Stripe registration form pops up

Step 3: The customer completes the registration, clicks to pay and the payment is processed

Step 4: Without Wishlist Auto Registration plugin:

The customer is redirected to Wishlist Member registration form in order to register to the site (this is the second registration form he needs to fill-in with the same details – very NOT user-friendly!)

Step 4: With Wishlist Auto Registration plugin:

The customer is automatically registered and logged-in to the site without the need to fill-in any other registration forms.

Wishlist Auto Registration Screenshots

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Pay with a Share

How Can You Get Wishlist Auto Registration for Stripe?

In order to allow the auto registration for Stripe you need to get the plugin + the Stripe add-on:

Wishlist Auto Registration Core + Stripe Add-On 

The plugin is sold through our online store HappyPlugins.com

View all the add-ons for Wishlist Auto Registration here

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