Wishlist Member – WooCommerce Integration & Generating Invoices

If you are not already familiar with the most powerful integration plugin for Wishlist Member & WooCommerce and even if you are and wondering if this plugin will suit your needs, here is a question we received from Pat, a potential customer, who was asking if when integrating WLM & WOO it will be possible to generate an invoice for the members who will purchase membership/s.

The short answer is – YES, definitely!

Here is the longer answer we also answered him:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus integrated Wishlist Member and WooCommercce to allow you to sell Woo products as Wishlist Member membership levels.

So for the purpose you have described: “What we are looking for is to integrate woocommerce with wlm and have woocommerce send the customer an invoice and still ideally register them for a membership level.” >> Our plugin will do the work!

Regarding the invoices:

This is a Woocommerce feature that can be done via the WooCommerce platform using a plugin called PDF Invoices.
The benefit of integrating WLM & WOO:

The great thing about integrating WLM and WOO is that you will have the ability to use ALL the functions Woocommerce offers and still manage a membership site with all the membership feature offered by Wishlist Member.

Sounds Interesting?

Here is a link to ​​​​​​​Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin + add-ons:


About Wishlist Member Plugins

The Wishlist Member Plugin website Team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about internet marketing and enjoy building membership sites using Wishlist Member.

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