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Member's Multiple Dashboard PluginCreating a welcoming interface for members is very daunting for most membership website owners. After spending so much money and energy, it might end up looking very generic and unfriendly to use, like some typical blog you see elsewhere.

For that reason, membership websites owners used to hire site developers just to solve interface problems, and spend a lot of money.

Not anymore! Forget about spending tons of money on site developers. Members Multiple Dashboard plugin is what membership websites owners, including me, are using nowadays to create an easy dashboard so that members will be able to easily navigate through the website.

If you want to avoid all these negative drawbacks, then Members Multiple Dashboard plugin is perfect for you. Members Multiple Dashboard plugin is designed for membership websites owners like yourself to make the website’s layout design convenient, and in just a few mouse clicks.

Summing Overview

Name: Members Multiple Dashboard

Creator: Andrew Hunter

Focus: creating an easy interface (dashboard) for easier navigation through the website.

Price: $47

Official Website:

Members Multiple Dashboard Plugin Excellent Layouts

Here are some of the features I love and I’m sure you will also love:

Members Multiple Dashboard Plugin is Short-code Driven. This means you don’t have to do things the long way anymore. You just need to use short codes instead of elaborate CSS scripts in setting up your dashboard.

Upload Video Tutorials. Help your members to get accustomed to your site. It can be any video that you think will help your members feel more comfortable the first time they open your site. Don’t forget that if your members won’t know how to navigate through your site easily, they will eventually cancel their subscription (I personally love adding a video to the dashboard, and Members Multiple Dashboard plugin lets you do that. I sometimes use a welcoming video, and sometimes a tutorial video. It depends on the membership website niche).

Build Multiple Membership Levels. It’s easy to customize the content you want each membership level to have on their dashboard. This makes your website look, much more professional in the members’ eyes.

Adjust Your Page Layout Easily. If you prefer to have columns or a whole page width, you can easily adjust it with the help of Members Multiple Dashboard plugin.

Display Statuses through Gravatar. You can make your members feel more at home on your website by having their statuses displayed through Gravatar.

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How Members Multiple Dashboard Plugin Works

Members Multiple Dashboard plugin is very easy to use.


My Conclusion on Members Multiple Dashboard plugin

Only a week after I started using Members Multiple Dashboard plugin, I already noticed some very interesting statistic facts about my membership websites:

  • The average time on every website increased in at least 40%
  • The average page views per member increased from 2 to 6
  • Less members canceled their subscription every month, which increased my earnings from each site in about 30-40%

After seeing howMembers Multiple Dashboard plugin improved my sites statistics tremendously, I simply recommend it to every membership website owner I meet.

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What is the Difference Between Members Multiple Dashboard and Wishlist Dashboard?

Both Members Multiple Dashboard and Wishlist Dashboard are great plugins, but there are some differences between them.

You can get all the information in the post Members Multiple Dashboard VS Wishlist Dashboard or you can go to Members Multiple Dashboard homepage 

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