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Wishlist Member 3.0 - Complete Review & Overview

Wishlist Member Version 3.0 – Q&A


Wishlist Member 3.0 is about to release and the co founder of Wishlist Products, Tracy Childers, has answered some very important questions regarding the new version.

Questions such as:

  • New integrations
  • User experience
  • Compatibility with WordPress and Gutenberg
  • The release date-range of the new version
  • New pricing
  • And more…

You can check the short FAQ video in this link


Wishlist Member 3.0 BETA is Now Released!

Wishlist Member 3.0 BETA is Now Released!

The Wishlist Member team has announced the upcoming release of V 3.0 and it looks amazing!!

Many users have found it too difficult to understand, as it includes so much features, and said that it has a very slow learning curve.

That is why we were very happy to find out that the Wishlist Member team is working on a new version for the platform, and were even more excited when we got the beta version and discovered that they have done major visual improvements.

The Wishlist team is recruiting current WLM users to try the beta version.

You can join the BETA version in this link:

You can also check out their announcement of the upcoming release and a SNEAK PEEK video in this link:

We will keep you updated when the new version is released and send you our complete review and overview.

To stay updated please make sure you are registered to our email list using the registration form on your right.

Wishlist 1-Click Registration & Drip Autoresponder Service Integration

Wishlist 1-Click Registration & Drip Autoresponder Service Integration

We received a question from one of clients who wanted to know if our plugin Wishlist 1-Click Registration integrates with Drip autoresopnder.

The short answer is – YES!

Here is the full explanation:

Wishlist 1-Click Registration allows you to register members automatically to any free membership level in 2 ways:

1. By adding a unique registration link to email you send to your email subscribers – Your subscribers click on a link you add to your emails and they are added automatically to the relevant membership level. Here is a short video that describes how it works:

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Wishlist Member for InfusionSoft Service - Review & Overview

Wishlist Member for InfusionSoft Service – Review & Overview

Wishlist Member is one of the most powerful membership platforms with many external plugins and extensions that can even enhance the core functionality of Wishlist Member itself.

No membership platform is complete without a powerful integration with popular payment gateways, and although Wishlist Member integrates with multiple highly popular payment gateways, using an external service that was developed by Wishlist Products themselves can integrate Wishlist Member with InfusionSoft in the most complete and powerful way.

Using Wishlist Member for InfusionSoft service you can integrate Wishlist Member with a two-way communication with InfusionSoft.

As both platforms are very sophisticated with many features it would be inevitable to create such an integration.

Note that you can register to a FREE InfusionSoft demo account to check if this is the payment gateway you need.

Also, if you are thinking of purchasing InfusionSoft, make sure you check our special gift to you (a free license to one of our top Wishlist Member dedicated plugins. You can get all the information in this post: Thinking of Integrating Wishlist Member with InfusionSoft? Don’t Miss Our Gift!

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Clarification about Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

How to Integrate WooCommerce Variable Products with Wishlist Member

Using WooCommerce you can sell variable products.

A variable product is a product that allows you to sell different variations of the same product, for example:

Your variable product is: A photo album

Your product variations are: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 photos in the album

After defining your variable and product variations within your WooCommerce store, the customer can choose the relevant variation from the drop-down list and purchase it.

WooCommerce Variable Product Settings

Setting up a new variable product is simple and requires 3 steps:

  1. To set a WooCommerce variable product click on Products in WordPress menu » Add Product
  2. Scroll down to the Product Data Meta Box » Choose Variable Product
  3. Click on the Variations tab » Setup your product variations

You can get more information on how to setup a variable product here:

Here is a screenshot of how to setup a variable product:

WooCommerce Variable Product

Integrating WooCommerce Variable Products with Wishlist Member

Integrating WooCommerce variable products with Wishlist Member will allow you to sell memberships to customers who purchase specific variations.

You can choose to sell memberships to few / all product variations and you can even sell a different membership for every variation.

If we take the above example of selling a photo album with 5 different variations (different amount of photos), here is an example of how you can sell memberships:

The variable product is: your photo album

The variations are: albums with 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 photos

You can decide to give a bonus to customers who purchase only the following variations:

Buy album with 80 photos » Get access to the Premium membership

Buy album with 100 photos » Get access to the VIP membership

How can I integrate WooCommerce Variable Products with Wishlist Member?

The integration is simple and can be done using a 3rd-party plugin:

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus & The Variable Products Add-On

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus and the Variable Products Add-On you will be able to:

  • Sell unlimited membership levels and / or pay-per-post content in one cart
  • Sell multiple types of products, including WooCommerce products (physical / downloadable / software etc. and also membership levels and pay-per-posts in one cart
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the WooCommerce platform including: a lot more payment gateways integration, hundreds of WooCommerce extensions, better statistic information and more…
  • Sell different membership levels and / or pay-per-posts for different variations within WooCommerce Variable Products

How can I setup the integration for the Variable Product and Wishlist Member?

The integration setup screen is simple and easy to define:

Inside the Product Data Meta Box » Open the settings of your chosen variation » Scroll down to the Wishlist Member – Local Levels settings as seen in the below screenshot:

Variable Product Wishlist Member Integration Setup

Get more information on Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus & The Variable Products Add-On

Wishlist Member ConvertKit Integration

How to Integrate Wishlist Member integrate with ConvertKit email marketing service

In this post we go over how to to integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with ConvertKit email marketing service.

Wishlist Member & ConvertKit Integration Process

For the integration you need the following:

  1. Wishlist Member plugin
  2. ConvertKit account
  3. ConvertKit Plugin for WordPress

Integrate Wishlist Member & ConvertKit in 4 simple steps:

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Check Your Connection to Wishlist Member Plugin API [Free Plugin]

Check Your Connection to Wishlist Member Plugin API [Free Plugin]

Wishlist Member API Testing is a free plugin that allows you to test that the connection to Wishlist Member external API is working correctly in real-time.

In this post we go over important information regarding the Wishlist Member API connection, why you should test that it is indeed working correctly, what are the reasons that can cause the API not to work, who is behind the plugin and how you can download it for free.

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Upgrades are now Possible for all Wishlist Member Plugins at HappyPlugins

Upgrades are Now Possible for all Wishlist Member Plugins at HappyPlugins

Many of our clients are emailing us on a regular basis with the question “How can I upgrade my license?”

Until now, there was no built in feature within the HappyPlugins online store and we are happy to announce that upgrades are now possible for all our plugins.

How to Upgrade Your License in 2 Simple Steps:

Upgrading your license can be easily done in 2 simple steps:

Step #1: Go to My Account at HappyPlugins > click on invoices (or on this link) > View Licenses > View Upgrades and click on the Upgrade License link for the number of licenses you want to add the product to your cart

Go over the below screenshots to see exactly how easy it is to upgrade your license (click to enlarge):

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Does Wishlist Member Integrate with Premium Web Cart?

How to restrict WooCommerce products using Wishlist Member to be visible by members only?


We have wishlist member and we’re setting up WooCommerce to sell hard shippable products. We do not sell any products to non-members.

We want to use Wishlist Member to restrict WooCommerce store to only be available to our members.

Do any of your plugins achieve this?

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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin with WooCommerce Taxes


Hi, I am just about to buy your WLM & WooCommerce integration plugin.

However what I need to know is can you create an invoice pre gateway from the the bundled 2.

My situation is this. I am in Australia and have a site providing training materials. In Australia we have goods and services tax of 10% and have to provide a invoice with the GST separate out.

I am looking to build a solution that can address this and I am hoping that if I integrate WLM with WooCommerce, I will have it licked. Am I on the right track?


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