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Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes Plugin Review

When we started using Wishlist Member`s pay-per-post, we noticed that it is missing some very important features to make the flow of the pay-per-post membership site work right.

For example: we wanted to be able to display the price and the link for the purchase only to users who hadn`t bought the post, since it made no sense to display it to users who had bought it.

Also, we wanted to give our users a complete list of all the posts they ever bought, so they would be able to access the content they need fast.

The problem is that Wishlist didn`t support all these features and we realised that it was not possible to complete the pay-per-post membership site without developing a special plugin with all the features we needed. Read more…


Using Wishlist Member Pay Per Post Feature ? New Plugin is Coming Soon…

Wishlist Member is a great plugin for building membership websites. It’s very simple to understand and easy to use, I think it’s one of the best plugins for membership sites.

However, in the last few versions of the plugin, the Wishlist Member team added a new feature for selling not only memberships but also single posts (pay-per-post).

When I decided to create a Pay Per Post membership site using Wishlist Member, I discovered that although Wishlist Member supports selling single posts, it is missing some of the most important features that are needed to manage the paid posts and to make their flow work right.

Quick examples:

Read more…

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