How To Handle Posts Revisions and Why You Should Do It?

Posts revisions are created every time you hit the “Save” button to save a post / page.

If you are also suffering from a severe CSD (Compulsive Saving Disorder šŸ˜‰ ) then you might want to consider clearing your posts revisions from time to time.

Posts Revisions

Posts Revisions

Here is an example:Ā If your website asĀ about 100 posts and each post contains even only 5 revisions, you now have 500 revisions in your database…

In time, you posts revisions will grow and your database size will grow along with it.

So What Can You Do?

There are opinions to both ways, some say posts revisions should not be deleted and some say they should, and there is a simple solution that allows you to manage your posts revisions properly:

Why to DeleteĀ Posts Revisions

The more revisions you have, the more space is taken and the moreĀ your database size increases.

Depending on the amount of content you have, too many revisions can cause your website to work slowly.

Too many revisions can be confusing to the point they won’t really serveĀ the purpose.

Why Not to DeleteĀ Posts Revisions

The simple reason why not to remove posts revisions is the fact that they can actually serve you well and can really save you if you need to go back to previous versions of your content.

The Solution – Revision Control Plugin

Store as many revisions as you needĀ – Define the number of revisions you want to store for posts / pages / articles

Revision Control Plugin

Revision Control Plugin


Delete revisions manually – You can manually delete revisions by entering the post and deleting each revision

Delete revisions manually

Delete revisions manually


Download Revision Control

Do you prefer deleting your posts revisions or not? Do you also suffer from CSD like us? Please share your insights in the comment section 

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