How to Inform Your Members of Upcoming Dripped Content

In this video we go over how to let your members know the exact time and date they will be able to view new released content to keep them anticipated.

How to Video:


In this video we go over how you let your members know the exact time and date they’ll have access to new released content.

Content dripping is a powerful way to increase members’ retention and engagement and reduce uncertainty about future content.

Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes plugin allows you to drip content to your members and let them know exactly when new content is going to be available to them.

Just insert the relevant shortcode, set the “message” and “period” parameters and save.

Now, when a member will access the page, he’ll see a message letting him know when he will have access to that content.

For more information on Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes go to: 

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