How to Prevent Members Who Have Been Away for a Long Time from Canceling Their Membership

In this video we go over how you can welcome members who have not visited your membership site for a very long time, grab their attention and prevent them from cancelling their membership / subscription.

How to Video:


It’s a fact that members who have not visited your membership site for a very long time will probably cancel their membership very soon…

In fact, the next time they visit, they will probably search for the “cancel membership” button.

That is why you must grab these members’ attention and engage them with your content, before they to that.

Using Wishlist First Login Redirection plugin you can redirect members to a unique page the first time they login to the members’ area after a long absence.

In that page you can add any type of content you want to try encourage your members to start consuming your content and, that way, reduce your cancellation rates.

For more information on Wishlist First Login Redirection plugin go to: 

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