How to Switch between Users in a Click of a Mouse

Switching between users can be very effective and allows you to get a clearer understanding of what different users experience when browsing through your website, plus, it can help you improve your users experience and your website in general.

However, switching between users the WordPress old fashion way can be very time-consuming.

Good thing that User Switching plugin was developed…

User Switching (free plugin) allows you to easily switch between accounts with no hassles and in a click of a mouse.

No need to enter any passwords what so ever to switch between users, just click on the “Switch to” and your user will be switched!

Using User Switching Plugin

Right after installing and activating the plugin you will notice a “Switch To” option near every user in the All Users menu:

Using User Switching Plugin

Using User Switching Plugin


Plugin’s Usages

  • If you need to test different users during development or for any other reason
  • If you need are running an online store (using WooCommerce, EDD or any other) and you need to switch to one of your client’s accounts
  • If you are running a membership site and you need to switch to one of your members accounts
  • If you are building a website that requires many permissions, capabilities roles.
  • If you want to see the website exactly how a specific user sees it.
  • If you need to manage support or troubleshoot, this plugin can be very helpful

There are so many other usages for this plugin, the above list is really just a summary of the most common usages for us.

If you are using this plugin for other purposes other the the ones written above or if you have anything else to share, please write us in the comment section below.

About Wishlist Member Plugins

The Wishlist Member Plugin website Team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about internet marketing and enjoy building membership sites using Wishlist Member.

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