Is Wishlist Member plugin slowing my website?

Is Wishlist Member plugin slowing my website?


“I’m running my membership site on Wishlist Member plugin and I’m worried that it might slow down my site. Is it possible that the Wishlist plugin is causing this and what can I do to make it run faster?”


There are many reasons why a website is getting slower and slower in time, when more and more content is being added to it and more plugins are installed.

So, as for your question, Wishlist Member is not necessarily the plugin causing the problem.

There are many plugins who are badly coded that may be causing the site to be slow, and a thorough check should be done in order to find the problem.

You can check your website’s speed using speed tools and WordPress performance plugins.

You will need to analyze the information that is retrieved on every page that loads and see what is causing the performance issues.

Some technical knowledge is needed to analyze the information, but adding more content does not really cause the content to load slower if you know how to optimize the database structure and your website’s structure.

Our membership site uses Wishlist Member with more than 80 active plugins and a lot of content and its loading time is under 3 seconds (fully load) including all the social plugins.

We have written a post with tips on how to optimize a website’s speed – Tip #9: 7 Tips for Optimizing Your Membership Site’s Speed

Speed Optimization Service:

You can also contact our developers for paid consulting on speed optimization through this link.

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The Wishlist Member Plugin website Team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about internet marketing and enjoy building membership sites using Wishlist Member.

2 Responses to “Is Wishlist Member plugin slowing my website?”

  1. Any site with wishlist member installed will be much slower because the plugins makes a lot of database requests on every page load.

    • Every plugin that use database requests will eventually slow the website, you can say the same on many membership plugins the exists.
      Wishlist Member does not use more requests that any other membership plugin and it using WordPress caching system to get the information even faster.

      These things can be checked very easily using different development plugins and by looking into the server logs. We know that because we have checked it as one of the services that we supply is website speed optimization and in the majority of the cases Wishlist Member is not the causing.

      There are few plugins that developed for Wishlist Member that are using bad coding (one of the is a payment gateway support).
      These plugin may cause your website to load very slow but these plugins are no connect to the Wishlist Member platform and there are 3rd party.

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