Stylizing Your Entire Websites Images Borders Using this Simple Plugin

There are many ways to styling images boarders in a WordPress website:

1. You can add a custom CSS code which can be easily done using My Custom CSS plugin or through your website’s theme, if your theme includes an option to add custom CSS. The main downside when using this way is that you need to have basic CSS understanding.

2. You can download a plugin called Advanced Image Styles from the WordPress repository, but then you will need to adjust each image separately (very time-consuming), as seen in the screenshot below:

Advanced Image Styles - WordPress Plugin

Advanced Image Styles – WordPress Plugin


Adding Stylized Borders to All Your Images Easily

We came across a very simple yet helpful plugin called “WP Image Borders” that allows you to add stylized boarders to all of your website’s images from one settings screen.

The Settings screen is divided to 3 main styling types of settings:

1. Image target – you can add borders to all images by checking the box (as seen in the screenshot below) or by adding specific CSS classes:

Target Images - Advanced Image Styles

Target Images – Advanced Image Styles


2. Customize images borders – you can choose your desired style from the drop-down list (solid/ dashed/ dotted etc.), width, radius and color:

Customize images borders - Advanced Image Styles

Customize images borders – Advanced Image Styles


3. Drop shadow – you can add horizontal / vertical shadow, blur and choose the color:

Drop Shadows to Images - Advanced Image Styles

Drop Shadows to Images – Advanced Image Styles


This simple plugin can help you design and stylized your website’s images quickly and easily.

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