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Creating OTO (One Time Offers) with Wishlist Member Plugin

Creating OTO (One Time Offers) with Wishlist Member Plugin

If you are still not using OTO then you are practically leaving money on the table! If you use this marketing method the right way, OTO can increase your conversion rates in over 50% and even more!

So What is OTO Anyway?

OTO or One-Time-Offer is a special offer you suggest to your clients after they complete a certain action you want them to complete in order to increase/ maximize your earnings.

The whole point of the OTO is to be one-time, meaning, it won’t repeat itself and your clients will not be able to go back to the OTO page and get that offer again after they leave it.

Your OTO can be a free offer for joining mailing list, downloading a free product or selling a complementary product.

All You Need to Know about Creating OTO

  • OTO Advantages
  • OTO Disadvantages
  • OTO Possible Flows
  • OTO Pros and Cons
  • Tips for Creating OTO Sales Letter
  • OTO and Wishlist Member plugin

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