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How to set an automatic registration when integrating Wishlist Member and ClickBank Payment Gateway?

How to set an automatic registration when integrating Wishlist Member and ClickBank Payment Gateway?

Steve’s Question:

“What I want to achieve is this:

1) Person makes a ClickBank purchase using my affiliate link
2) After purchasing the clickbank product, they are automatically added to a Wishlist Member level on my website where they get bonus products. Is it possible?”

HappyPlugins Support Answer:

The short answer for the question is YES, using Wishlist Auto Registration plugin.

Here is the detailed answer:

Wishlist Auto Registration registers members automatically to any WLM membership when they return to the membership site after a successful purchase, whether the link was affiliated or not.

The flow is like this:

Step 1 – Customer clicks on the purchase link and redirected to the payment gateway

Step 2 – Customer completes the payment and redirected back to the membership site

Step 3 – Done automatically by Wishlist Auto Registration >> the customer is added to the relevant membership level and automatically logged-in to the members’ area.

* In addition, an email with the membership details are sent

Wishlist Auto Registration – Resources:

Wishlist Auto Registration – Core Plugin

Wishlist Auto Registration – ClickBank AddOn

Wishlist Auto Registration – All AddOns

HappyPlugins Support

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Is there a way to automatically remove a customer from Wishlist member?


“I’ve been a very happy customer of yours for quite a while.

I wanted to ask…

Is there a way to automatically “remove” a customer from Wishlist member… if they cancel or refund on Clickbank?

I currently use your auto registration plugin. Wondering if you have an auto cancellation plugin 🙂


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