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Does Wishlist Member Support Taxes?

Does Wishlist Member Has Taxes / VAT Support?

Wishlist Member doesn’t process payments, therefore, it doesn’t handle taxes / VAT.

If you need to handle taxes and you want to use Wishlist Member you can either contact your payment processor company and check with them if they offer tax support OR you can integrate your Wishlist membership site with WooCommerce.

Many of our Wishlist Member customers are using Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, so memberships are managed by Wishlist Member and the taxes are managed by the Woo platform.

WooCommerce has worldwide tax support that handles all taxes depending on the country your business is located in.

Integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce

Integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce can be easily done using the very popular Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin.

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Does Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Handle Multi-Currency Payments?

Using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin with WooCommerce Taxes


Hi, I am just about to buy your WLM & WooCommerce integration plugin.

However what I need to know is can you create an invoice pre gateway from the the bundled 2.

My situation is this. I am in Australia and have a site providing training materials. In Australia we have goods and services tax of 10% and have to provide a invoice with the GST separate out.

I am looking to build a solution that can address this and I am hoping that if I integrate WLM with WooCommerce, I will have it licked. Am I on the right track?


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