Wishlist Member Plugins – Wizard

Choosing the right plugin or tool for a task can sometimes be the most dificult part in the all process. We want to make your life easier so have build this plugin wizard.

Choose from the different categories below and find the right plugin for your task:

Content Plugins

Choose this option if you looking for plugins that will help to display your content to your members.

Content Plugins will allow you define how and what and how your content will be displayed on your membership website.  There many types of content plugin to choose from and each one has is on specific task to preform.

Members Plugins

Choose this option if you are looking for plugins to handle and help your member using your membership website.

Member Plugins are members oriented. These plugin will give your member the best expreince while visiting your membership website.

Tutorials and Education

Choose this option if want to educate your self on membership websites in general and wishlist member specifically.
Wishlist member is very easy to use but to get the most of it your will need to invest your time and learn it deeply.  These website and course will you all the information you need to get the most from wishlist member and will also help to build your membership website the right way.

Administration Plugins

Choose this option if you are looking for a administration plugin.
Administrating  your membership website is a necessary task (even if you don’t like it), there is not such thing as launch anf forget. These plugin will make your live easier, giving your the ability to focus on the marketing plan and make the administration task lots easier and quicker.

Affiliate Plugins

Choose this option if your looking to add an affiliate program to your website.

Marketing your website with the help of affiliates is one of the best way to increase your revenue. You need to have a great product and you need to market it to your affiliates by giving them a good incentive to promote your membership website.

There are many tools that can you to add an affiliate program to your membership we collected all the solution the work well with the wishlist member in one place.

Don’t know which plugin to choose ?

Here you will get a full list of the existing Wishlist Member plugins.

There are more 30 different plugin that were designed especially to increase and improve wishlist member functionality.

Wishlist Member Plugins – Complete List

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