5 Major Benefits to Integrating WooCommerce with Wishlist Member

5 Major Benefits to Integrating WooCommerce with Wishlist Member


Integrating Wishlist Member and WooCommerce can be very powerful and can help increase your total earnings and revenues significantly.

If you are thinking of integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, but you’re not sure if you should and what are the benefits of doing so, in this post we go over all the benefits of integrating both platforms.

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Why You Should Wishlist Member & WooCommerce

1. Sell multiple types of products

You can sell different types of products in the same platform, for example: online courses, memberships, individual posts (pay-per-posts), physical products, digital products etc.

When you offer multiple types of products in one place you can take advantage of the same traffic you already have to expose other products to the same audience, and, therefore, increase your chances of increasing the value per customer (revenues from each customer).

2. Allow customers to purchase multiple products in one purchase

When integrating Wishlist Member and WooCommerce, the platform responsible for managing sales and processing payments is WooCommerce.

This means that customers can add to their cart as many products as they want and get these products by going through the payment process only once.

Allowing your customers to checkout only once will encourage them to purchase more and increase your overall earnings tremendously.

3. Use other WooCommerce features that can boost your revenues

WooCommerce offers many extensions that can help boost your revenues significantly, for example:

  • Manage related products that will expose your customers to other products they might find interesting
  • Offer different types of discounts to encourage sales like volume discounts, coupon codes, discount in exchange for a social share and more
  • Create Wishlists for products they might be interested in
  • Send multiple notifications when customers abandon their cart
  • And so much more…

There are hundreds of extensions available for the WooCommerce platform that can help you improve your sales and overall revenues over time

4. Generate accurate statistics about your sales

WooCommerce allows you to get more accurate statistics about your customers, including their purchase history, detailed reports, each customer’s lifetime value, purchase history and more.

By combining Wishlist Member with WooCommerce you can still sell memberships, but you will enjoy the detailed statistic information and analysis of the WooCommerce platform that you can use to increase your sales.

5. A lot more payment options

When integrating Wishlist Member with WooCommerce, WooCommerce is the one responsible for the payment process, which can be a major benefit as it gives you a lot more payment options. You can go over WooCommerce payment gateways options here.

How to Achieve the Complete Integration of Wishlist Member & WooCommerce

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus allows you to easily integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with the WooCommerce platform and sell multiple membership levels and / or pay-per-posts.

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Exclusive Features

  • Sell local / external membership products – You can sell membership products that are located on the same website as your WooCommerce store and / or membership products located on a different website (for example: different sub-domains, different domains, different directories etc.)
  • Complete integration in 1-click – Easily integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce by clicking a button! For more information check the video tutorials under the Video Tutorials tab
  • Auto registration feature – Automatic registration after the payment process is complete
  • Complete summary table – Keep track of all your membership products through a complete summary table
  • Supports recurring payments – Requires WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on

Video Tutorials

Check Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus 

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