Can I send more than one email notification to members who’s membership is about to expire?

Can I send more than one email notification to members who's membership is about to expire?


“I manage a membership site where members register at a $27 monthly price for one year and after that year they can renew their membership at 30% discount for one more year.

I think that the discount is quite attractive, and I believe that members who hadn’t cancelled their subscription for a complete year are probably satisfied with the content and will be willing to renew their membership.

The thing is that I feel like I am losing renewals. Besides the statistic facts that clearly show that my renewal rates are very low, I keep getting angry emails from members that had no idea their membership expired, I’m assuming they missed my email reminder.

I set an email reminder to be sent to members 7 days before their membership expires, but this is clearly not enough as many people obviously miss this email.

I really need your help because I am clearly losing money here…

In the Wishlist Member settings I saw an option to send only one reminder (under the Expiring Member Notification option).

Do you know of any way I can make the plugin send out more then one notification? I will take any number above 1 🙂

Any help is much appreciated!

Don B”


Hi Don,

I understand how you feel about losing renewals and members. I think that 30% discount is fair enough and you are correct, if members willingly paid you every month for a complete year then there is a pretty good chance they would want to renew their membership.

The only place inside Wishlist settings that gives you the ability to define email notifications / reminders is indeed under the Email Settings, under the Expiring Member Notification.

However, you might be happy to know that we have already developed a solution for sending out these type of notifications, and not only before the membership expires, but also after the expiration date.

You can can send up to 10 notifications (a lot more than 1… 🙂 ) and you also get a complete report about the sent and scheduled notification queue.

The notification system is called Wishlist Membership Notifications and it’s a WordPress plugin that can be easily installed like any other plugin.

You can get more information about all the features of Wishlist Membership Notifications in this link.

We would be happy to also get your feedback about the system after you experiment with it for a couple of months.

Good luck with boosting your renewal rates!

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